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Theo was a hero, but the look in his eyes watching Liam and Hayden kiss or was evil or he had tears. What if he was taken as a baby? By the dread doctors. What if he got adopted and wasn't 100% human? So he just killed his foster family and became a "succes" to the dread doctors? What if he is Stiles his Twin, or Scott's half brother? What if he is related to someone of the pack? What if he might be good, but doesn't know what he's doing. What the fuck is Parrish? The punch in Theo his face ways fucking crazy. He was so strong that Stiles his jeep was nothing to him. What the hell is Hayden going to be? What is Corey? I like him, he can't be all bad. Why is Theo so strong? Liam couldn't even touch it and he already was almost dead (in some way). Theo might be a Chimera. But he is a full wolf? Yeah, but his power seem so familiar to Malia that i was thinking he might be a WereWolf/WereCoyote or WereWolf/WereHyena. What if he has yellow eyes because he is a beta/Omega WereWolf. But is a Were-Hyena in power, they are a little faster and stronger that WereWolves, but get hurt faster. And as Omegas they have purple eyes, normaly. But in this case not. And the un is, if a WereHyena kills someone when he isn't in a pack the eyes turn yellow. That can explain, when he kills someone he gets the wereHyena eyes. When he is in the pack he will have the yellow eyes, as a beta, even if he killed someone before having a pack. But if he kills again, his eyes become dark blue. Really dark blue. And then as an Alpha orange/Red mixed. But i guess then he would have WereWolf Alpha eyes. So maybe he had yellow eyes before to because he killed more people and we never saw the purple. What if Parrish is an Ifrit? They have human hand, get horns in a certain of time. And have to do stuff to get in control. He might be an Ifrit what means that when he gets control he will be good, because we know Parrish. What will happen with Liam? Scott might save him. Because he can't be a pussy forever. And i guess Stiles is gonna kill again.

In episode 9, we will know what Parrish really is. We will see a "Crazy" Theo moment. Liam will become a chimera or something. Corey will start losing memorys i heard. Scott will doubt himself again. Kira might not be in season 5A Anymore. Someone might come back this episode. Scott fight the Dread Doctors. Stiles might be taken and Parrish and Lydia have a training lesson. Stiles and Lydia will talk with Parrish.

Then i don't know if this pictures are real, but i saw them on a site.

Episode 11:

I do think this 1 is fake. But then:

Episode 13:

This seems real, but i don't know...

It does look as like the DD toke him.

It doesn look like Jackson, and i think i saw this more than once that he was going to become an Alpha.

This does look crazy...

Then Pictures that i couldn't download anymore, because the site was taken down. Then again i saw:

Liam with blue eyes, really freaked out.

Stiles saving Theo. (I Guess)

Kira with Dark Yellow eyes, like almost Orange, but yellow.

Isaac in a pic i never saw... With Yellow eyes, but taken by a man with black gloves.


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