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With an unknown threat approaching the earth, it is up to this team full of men who don't play by the rules to save us all. They must lead a crusade against the threat that promises certain extinction! The Chaos Crusaders are on the front-lines to keep us all out of harms way!

Team Leader - Zaheer

Zaheer is capable of striking fear into the strongest being in his universe, the Avatar. Not only does he psychologically cripple her, but he almost kills her. He even takes on the most skilled Airbender, Tenzin, and defeats him with his own Airbending skills. Did I mention he can fly!? Beyond all of his amazing physical attributes, Zaheer is a man who understands the world and the way it operates. He desires nothing more than to create a better world with absolute freedom. An idealistic man cannot be broken, therefore, no matter what stands in front of him, he will overcome it in order to protect the world he loves. Finally, what makes him my team leader is his ability to motivate and structure his team. He is a phenomenal strategist, and he knows how to lead others. Not only does he lead his team in Legend of Korra into battle, but he inspires them to give their lives for the mission. This attribute will be absolutely necessary when facing world-threatening adversity.

1st Draft Pick - Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki is one of the most perseverant characters ever. He will never stop until he has achieved his goal. Along with this mindset is his aptitude for learning new spiritual skills. He is like a mutt when it comes to powers within his universe. He is a human, Soul-Reaper, Quincy, Hollow, Fullbringer, and Visored. Ichigo is basically the strongest being in that universe and is described as having an incredibly massive power level. Some believe, myself included, that he could even take on Superman! Ichigo won't only be the muscle on my team, but he will keep going when no one else can. He is my ace in the hole. Ichigo is basically Jesse Ventura from Predator.

I ain't got time to bleed.

It doesn't matter how injured he is, he won't stop.

2nd Draft Pick - The Man With No Name

No one can ever be as bad-ass as Clint Eastwood's The Man With No Name. He is one bad motha******. He has the fastest hands in the West, and has single-handedly defeated trained killers, thieves, and entire gangs by himself. Blondie, as he is often referred to, is a cigar puffing, poncho wearing, cat petting, squinty eyed son of a bitch that will kill you in an instant. Despite all of this, he is a caring man who helps those in need, even though he'd like you to believe that he's just a hired gun, he really does have morals and sticks up for the every-man. This mentality and empathy is what earns him a spot on my list. He's the perfect mixture of unruly and moral.

3rd Draft Pick - Brock Samson

Every team needs an unhinged, loyal, psychopath. Mine is none other than Venture Bros.' Brock Samson. He is a bonefide killing machine. He is masterful in every form of killing, and he enjoys it. Whenever Brock is pointed towards a goal, he will succeed no matter what. Under the tutelage of Zaheer, a bit of a madman himself, Brock's rage and abilities will be put to the ultimate test of saving the world. However, unluckily for this global threat, they have no idea what kind of monster awaits them. I almost feel bad for this threat to even have to face off against such a beastly man with such a huge bowie knife.

Team Round-up

With a team as stacked as this one, I dare this threat to try and take on my team; I double-dog dare it! With the perseverance, raw power, skills, and unruly attitudes of all of my team members, there is no way we could lose! Zaheer will lead us to victory, Ichigo will fight until the bitter end, Blondie will keep everyone safe, and Brock will get lost in the bliss of killing his enemy. Bring it on!


Would you want the Chaos Crusaders to protect you against this worldly threat?


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