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Now, for much of the 20th century, the very idea of dating a geek was seen by many - and certainly most movies and TV shows - as somehow losing out in the dating lottery that is life.

Only after a magical transformation (usually in the form of the removal of dorky glasses, and the rejection of whatever geeky thing the character in question loved) could an on-screen geek find true love - and even then, they just as often ended up alone.

Thankfully, though, real-life has since taken some pretty huge strides, and proven that not only is being a geek a good thing, but that it' a pretty fantastic trait to look for in a partner, too.

Here, then, are...

12 Reasons You Should Definitely Date a Geek*

*Unless, of course, you're already seeing someone who isn't a geek, in which case feel free to, y'know, stay with them - or, for that matter, don't really want to date anyone at all, in which go on and do you.

First up?

12. They'll Be Just as Excited to See Captain America: Civil War on Opening Night as You Are

Because Captain America is going to fight Iron Man, and THAT IS AWESOME...

11. There's a Solid Chance They Love the Same '90s Cartoons as You

Which can be surprisingly important on a lazy Sunday morning...

10. They'll Always Have Your Back When Someone Makes Fun of You for Just Being Yourself

Just like Peggy would...

9. They Know That This Is the Best Way to Say 'I Love You'

Every single time...

8. They'll Be Your Rhodey at Comic-Con

And next year, you'll be their Robin...

7. There's a Good Chance They'll Get on with All Your Friends

Even the big green one...

6. You'll Always Have Something to Talk About

And there's a good chance you'll both be super into it...

5. They'll Probably Be the Right Kind of Romantic

After all, who needs roses when you can have upside-down kissing...

4. We All Need Someone to Line Up to See Star Wars Episode VII with

And who doesn't want their very own Chewie (or Han)...?

3. They'll Always Know the Right Reference to Cheer You Up

This is the correct way to deal with any mouse or rat related problem...

2. If You Can Survive Arguing About Marvel and DC, You'll Know You'd Make Great Parents

Or tennis partners, or Christmas eve shopping buddies, or...pretty much anything, actually.

And, most important of all?

1. They'll Just...Kinda..."Get" You

And love you for who you are, too...

What do you reckon, though?


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