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Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the tragic death of beloved actor and comedian, Robin Williams. It feels as if this past year has gone by far too quickly and time has made mourning the loss of the man who could make us laugh as hard as we cried and truly feel at a depth and range of emotion, no less painful.

Since his roles in movies like Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Jumanji, Flubber, and Aladdin (amongst many others) played such a big role in many of our childhoods, Robin Williams' death has affected the world in a way that many of us had never seen.

It goes without saying that those who got to experience the magic of working with Robin Williams are struggling with an entirely different kind of pain. Chris Columbus, who directed Mrs. Doubtfire in 1993, almost had a chance of working with Williams again, but today is left with the memory of a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel that sadly will never come to be.

While talking to EW, Columbus discussed the idea for a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel and confirmed that it was more than just the Hollywood rumor mill running again:

No, we were involved with it because it was something Robin and I always talked about.

The idea for bringing everyone's favorite nanny back to the silver screen first arose in the early 2000s, but both Columbus and Williams knew that when it comes to following up on such a classic, the perfect plot was needed to bring about the end result they felt the project deserved.

It wasn't until 20 years after the release of the first film that they had found a direction in which they both saw potential:

We said for years that we would never do it. Then somebody came up with a really interesting idea, and we agreed to develop a script.
That was the last time I saw Robin, sadly, when we were talking about the sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire.

Columbus confirmed that it "definitely will never happen now" and I think that's a good thing. There is no way to successfully bring Mrs. Doubtfire back without Robin Williams.

It's best to leave the iconic character as he left it. As one of his most memorable roles, I don't think any actor would want to even attempt to step into the massive shoes he left behind.

While we may someday know more about the storyline of the sequel that will never be, Columbus told EW that today is not that day:

It’s so delicate. I’d love to talk about it, but it’s really too difficult at this point.

Although I'm interested in hearing the ideas he and Robin Williams shared, in my opinion it might be best to leave it unsaid.

(Source: EW)


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