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I still can't wrap my head around the fact that a majority of the animated films for children have some of the most horrific and sad scenes that make me still sob as an adult.

Of course, I'm one of those people who gets incredibly emotional towards children and animals, but that may be just me.

Below is a compilation of the most melancholy bits from a myriad of animated films intended for children. The rules are as follow:

Now bust out those tissues, but be sure not to use them. I'll warn you: You will probably need to (I couldn't get past number 3 myself).

1. Finding Nemo

Just before this scene, Marlin and his wife Coral had been admiring their new home with an ocean view, excited at the fact that they were soon to become first time parents. When Coral suddenly stops dead in her tracks and spots a barracuda with intentions to kill, she tries to save her children, but unfortunately doesn't make it.

2. Toy Story

Jessie sings about her previous owner Emily who ended up growing into a young adult and no longer playing with her toys.

Now I feel like going home and apologizing to all my Barbies, Polly Pockets, and stuffed animals.

3. Up

Carl as a youth is incredibly shy and feels uncomfortable making friends. He meets Ellie, a wild and adventurous friend who he ends up falling in love with and marrying when they become adults.

Sadly, Carl is left on his own as Ellie's medical condition worsens with old age. This one honestly gets me every time.

4. The Lion King

This is a classic scene that had us and our parents bawling when we first watched it. And you know I'm right when I say this scene hasn't gotten any easier to bear over time.

Mufasa, king of Pride Rock, falls to his death after a massive stampede. I have no idea what I would do without my loving father.

5. Bambi

All Bambi and his mother wanted to do was nibble on a bit of fresh grass. The fact that Bambi's mother does everything in her power to protect Bambi and distract the hunter just makes her loving sacrifice so hard to face.

6. Peter Pan 2

Tinkerbell, the cutest fairy full of spunk and courage, dies as the hands of Wendy's own daughter Jane, as she accidentally helps Hook capture Peter and the Lost Boys.

7. The Prince of Egypt

As the Egyptians ravage the land killing all Hebrew babies, Yocheved risks her life to save her baby Moses. Along with her two older children Miriam and Aaron, Yocheved dodges Egyptian soldiers left and right as she finally releases him with prayers that he is adopted and given the chance to survive.

As a person who starts crying about anything baby related, I have to look away when she releases the basket holding the baby into the Nile.

8. The Land Before Time (Littlefoot's mother's death)

Little Foot's mother is a total badass as she battles the evil Sharptooth dinosaur that is going after Little Foot. After sustaining neck and back injuries caused by the Sharptooth's teeth and claws, she is unable to survive and gives Little Foot her last bit of advice.

9. Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo hides within the corridors of the Notre Dame, afraid of showing his different face to the public. He decides to risk it for the joyous celebration known as the Festival of Fools, where the ugly and creepy are celebrated.

When Esmerelda, the local gypsy, accidentally reveals that Quasimodo's face is not in fact a mask, the public begins to throw food and garbage at him as a means to humiliate him.

The pain in Quasimodo's face is what hurts me the most. I just want to give him a big hug and tell him how beautiful he really is.

10. Iron Giant

With a raging missile headed straight for the city in which young Hogarth Hughes and his family resides. The missile was intended to hit the Giant, but they didn't think about the entire town and its inhabitants.

The Giant sees this as an opportunity to protect Hogarth and prove he is just as courageous and as much a hero as Superman. As he sacrifices himself to save the young boy and the town, my eyes can't help but well up with tears.

11. An American Tale (Somewhere out there)

Imagine being a young boy separated from the warmth and love of your tight knit family.

While on a tramp steamer crossing from Germany to the United States, the angry sea separates young Fievel from his family, causing his family to believe he is dead. In this duet, we see that his sister Tanya still has hope that Fievel is out there, alive and well.

12. Dumbo (moment with mom)

Dumbo is separated from his mother as she angrily acts up during a circus act due to a group of boys making fun of Dumbo's ginormous ears. Dumbo is taken away as she is locked up.

Timothy sees how depressed and pained Dumbo is without his mother by his side, he decides to sneak him into her confinement. Mrs. Jumbo then sings a sweet song while she rocks Dumbo back and forth with her trunk.

*sobbing uncontrollably*

How far did you get before you began to sniffle? Before the tears began to spring forth your ducts?

If you don't have a single tear rolling down your cheek right now, you must definitely have a heart of stone.

Now go watch some puppies and babies on YouTube to bring your spirits up! And perhaps take a break from those animated films for a bit.


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