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After the debut of his documentary special, I Am Chris Farley, earlier this week, we've been spending a lot of time highlighting the life and career of one of the greatest modern comedians gone far too soon, Chris Farley.

After years of entertaining us as a Saturday Night Life cast member and starring in various films, Farley charmed us all with his iconic physical comedy and self-deprecating humor. In honor of Chris Farley, I've put together a list (in no particular order) of a 14 scenes and sketches that had the world laughing with him:

1. Motivational Speaker

Probably one of the most iconic sketches of Chris Farley's career as well as the history of SNL. Matt Foley taught us all the terrors of living in a VAN down by the RIVER!

2. Gap Girls

I used to work at the Gap in high school and I can attest that this sketch highlights exactly what it's like working in a mall.

3. Lunch Lady Finds Love

The musical comedic stylings of Adam Sandler and Chris Farley on SNL are almost impossible to beat. Plus leave it to these two men to advocate for the unsung heroes of schools, the lunch lady.

4. Weather Scope: El Niño

If only all weather reports were this entertaining.

5. Schmitt's Gay

Every housesitting job I've had since seeing this fake commercial has been extremely disappointing.

6. Paul McCartney on the Chris Farley Show

You remember when this was one of the funniest SNL segments? Chris Farley dedicated himself to only asking the important, hard-hitting questions. You know, like asking Sir Paul McCartney if he had seen Terminator.

7. Billy Madison study session

Also known as the best tutor of all time.

8. The Superfans

Daaaaaaaaaa Bulls. Need I say more?

9. Hidden Camera Commercial Video

Finally an inside look at what it takes to make all of those hidden camera infomercials.

10. Japanese Game Show

You don't understand most of the dialogue in this sketch, and that's what makes it so funny!

11. Zagat's Restaurant Guide Commentary

Relationship goals, am I right?

12. Fat guy in a little coat from Tommy Boy

As a kid nothing made me laugh quite like the fat guy in a little coat dance.

13. Weekend Update: Bennett Brauer

Enough air quotes to make anyone fall in love with Farley. He didn't need to be "buff" or "shower" to make us laugh, even if he did "drink maple syrup straight from the bottle."

14. Chippendales Stripper Audition

Everyone knows that Chris Farley was robbed for this Chippendales gig.

These are just a few of the many fantastic scenes in the life and career of Chris Farley. Now you tell us, what is your favorite Chris Farley moment?

I Am Chris Farley is now playing in limited theaters and available on iTunes today.


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