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  • Hey guys, i'm new. This is clearly my first post. I am a theory master. (well my friends call me that:) ) Please tell me if somethings wrong. Today i'm telling you the whole theory that i know about Five nights at Freddy's, but today is just about purple guy. Purple guy was the guy that killed the children. well actually he killed lots but i'm tired of counting.he is a murderer of children. he wore the toy Freddy suit as a disguise to lead the 5 children to their death. 5 children entered and the purple guy directly opened his disguise and directly stabbed all of the children. No one knows that he killed a girl or boy, anyways, lets continue. He then got stressed and realized that he had done something real bad. He cant stand this nightmare. so he decided to destroy the animal trons. he destroyed not with a hammer, Gun nor Bazooka. This sounds crazy but he killed them by a real iron made A x e. That sounds Almost impossible right? He got killed when the souls came out of the animal trons suits. he died on Five nights at Freddy's ! night 4. He tried to call us but he failed to call so he recorded a message for the security guard. When the call on Five nights at Freddy's 1 night 4 do you hear that he said "i wont be calling you again on the night 5" (I guess he said that) and he also said the last word "OH NO!" that was when he was chased by the souls. He was forced to run and hide in the golden Spring Bonnie suit. he had forgot that the suit contains a spring lock so his skin got pierced by the suit. so now i'll tell you something. These are choices of the purple guy.




Jeremy couldn't have did it because he had just worked there to protect 5 nights and receive a check. he is not the killer. Mike and Fritz are only choices. Fritz didn't do it because he only worked in the 7th night. the murder happens before this whole thing started. So the killer is... MIKE! why him?! because he got fired right in the Five nights at Freddy's 2 night 6-7. So he started getting furious and everything happened. Thanks for reading my first post and please be honest if something is really wrong.

Thanks :)


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