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Street Fighter 5 had an awesome setup at Gamescom 2015, with a load of low couches and bean bags set up in the middle of an enormous hall. On Press Day, there were about 20 TVs running Street Fighter V with a beautiful PS4 nested in front of each one. This small area was surrounded by [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985), PES 2016, a massive stage for Star Wars and across the way was Guitar Hero: Live (I played far too much of this game).

But chilling out on these couches was all some players wanted to do for the entirety of the press day at Gamescom, and we were lucky enough to chat with them and get their opinion! If you've had a chance to engage with Street Fighter 5, let us know what you thought of Capcom's creation and if you're excited for its release date in March of 2016.

Street Fighter 5
Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 - Thoughts On V & its Characters From Gamescom

Full disclosure - I am by no means a great Street Fighter player or fighting game enthusiast for that matter! I did however play four games of Street Fighter and spoke with each of my opponents about their likes and dislikes of this followup to one of the best fighting games ever made. So, let me give you a few quotes to get the ball rolling:

  • "These animations are blowing my mind!"
  • "I'm seriously surprised by how much I like Necalli!"
  • "I love some of these new abilities - especially how Necalli's slash move is cutting through these fireballs!"
  • " I wish I could sit here all day."
  • "I need a lot more time with it to see if it can top IV, but it has some insane potential right now!"
  • "It's basically a prettier version of Street Fighter IV."
  • "If you can help me get that PS4 out of the building, I will definitely think about buying you a really cheap German beer." - Legend.
Street Fighter 5
Street Fighter 5

From what I encountered, negativity wasn't anywhere to be found amongst those that played Street Fighter V. Some players said it resembled IV in a lot of ways, though they did have very limited time with the game and to understand all of the attributes Street Fighter V will have on its release date, we're going to need hours of intense battles. As a casual fighting game fan, I had a ridiculous amount of fun with Street Fighter 5.

There were no problems with latency, graphics or animations. The game is absolutely beautiful and so fluid to play. But when it comes to advanced blocks and special moves, I'm not exactly the man to turn to. But check out this video of Gamescom below in which two players with some decent skills go head to head. The video quality is surprisingly awesome too!

What Do You Want From the Release Date of Street Fighter V?

Street Fighter V will be blasting its way onto the PS4 and PC next year, and fans are seriously hoping that this will be the ultimate fighting game to dominate the world of E-sports. But what did you take from this video above? Are there awesome new introductions to Street Fighter 5 that have you excited? Let us know if you've played the game in the comments below!


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