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I guess, like every other Marvel fan out there, that we've all watched the new Deadpool trailer at least 3 times in a row, not counting the replays since it officially came out last week and already the insurmountable impatience we feel for February 2016.

Ryan Reynolds already been in a Marvel film, or two, and then of course the green suited one, and during mine and my boyfriend's discussion about what actor had portrayed the most super heroes both in and out of the marvel universe (Ryan vs Chris became the discussion) we thought we ought to relive the wonders that is Blade Trinity to give us our Ryan fix, whetting our appetites after a further few viewings of the red band trailer.

Man oh man - do you remember Blade Trinity? I remember enjoying it (contrary to what others think I grant you), but I don't remember loving Hannibal King so damn much! Really, I imagine Deadpool will be exactly the character Reynolds plays in this 2004 Cert 15/R film I'm sure.

So really, this was simply an introductory I love Ryan Reynolds post, to get me started on Moviepilot, but also to recommend people who, like me, have been watching the Deadpool trailer every other day, to watch Blade Trinity and just enjoy Ryan Reynolds adult sass in that for a while in order to try and tide us over for a while. I've watched The Croods too to try and help - it helped a little, but I think the Deadpool trailer just once more...


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