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2014 wasn't a great year for Video Games. We had a lot of disappointments come our way and the reception of Dragon Age: Inquisition and its claiming of the "Game of the Year" award has been contentious and likened to Crash claiming an Oscar. But that being said, there were some hidden gems last year that should not be forgotten.

2015 may have killed 2014 with Bloodborne and The Witcher 3, and we still have [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985) and Fallout 4 to go! But Alien: Isolation from The Creative Assembly and Shadow of Mordor from Monolith Productions were two of the biggest surprises of last year. Alien games have been terrible for years, and Lord of the Rings games have never exactly been worthy of Game of the Year. But thanks to these two developers, all of that was changed in the space of a few months.

Shadow of Mordor
Shadow of Mordor

Alien: Isolation 2 vs Shadow of Mordor 2!

As a massive fan of Alien and Aliens, I was initially disappointed by the review I read for Alien: Isolation. IGN slapped it with a 5.9 and I thought I was in for yet another awful Alien experience. However, it seemed that they were one of the only publications to award the game with such a low score - another example as to why review scores should be obliterated from the gaming world!

Alien: Isolation is a taught and tense experience. The graphics, level and sound design are breathtaking. How The Creative Assembly managed to capture the ambience of Ridley Scott's masterpiece is remarkable. I enjoyed every moment of its lengthy campaign and if the ideas put forward in this title can be expanded on in a meaningful way, Alien: Isolation 2 could be something that Sega should invest in. But could we get another Aliens: Colonial Marines? It's a little too likely.

Alien: Isolation
Alien: Isolation

Then we have Shadow of Mordor. Yet again, I was completely taken by surprise. Everyone was raving about how excellent this game was - how it took the combat of the [Batman: Arkham Series](tag:2586475) and combined it with a huge advancement on the [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814) style traversal formula. It was endlessly enjoyable to play. The Nemesis system actually introduced something we'd never seen before and will probably hear a lot of in the future. Shadow of Mordor will still be a game to revisit next year and the year after. Therefore, a sequel to Shadow of Mordor seems more likely than that of Alien: Isolation. But where do your loyalties lie?

Shadow of Mordor
Shadow of Mordor

Which Release Date Has Your Vote?

So which of these two games did you enjoy the most in 2014? And I'd actually love to hear what your Game of the Year was for last year too. Personally, I think Dark Souls 2 should have walked away with the prize, and Bloodborne is my vote so far for 2015. Be sure to let us know if you'd pick Alien: Isolation 2 over Shadow of Mordor 2 in the comments below!


Which sequel would you vote for?


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