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Puke. Vom. Heave. Hurl. The vigorous expulsion of bodily toxins is a gross-out essential for comedy buffs and horror hounds alike. Witnessing a good projectile to the face or a depressed, drunken chin-smattering spew can cause the steeliest of souls to cower in their own reflexive hell.

So, because we like making you squirm, we've put a delicious list together of the 11 best barf battles in cinema. Are you ready for this jelly?


Will you make it through? Place your bets now!

1. Pitch Perfect

The Barden Bellas a capella group will now forever be known as The Barfen Bellas. There was no worries of choking on stage with the chunks Anna Camp blew.

2. I Love You, Man

Well, that's one way to win a bro-down. Get a good Ruddering...all over your FACE.

3. The Exorcist

Linda Blair's hard, green, projectile vom-a-thon, erupted at such a pace it hit a priest square in the eye. Her demonic speed and angle accuracy made the scene as impressive as it is iconic. Bravo.

4. Monty Python's the Meaning of Life

Whilst I'm fairly hopeful the existential answer to the meaning of life doesn't lie in the gut of a grotesquely obese man, one can never be too sure. Please don't make me look though. Pretty, pretty, please with eggs on top.

5. Superbad

Short but sweet, hearing Jonah Hill scream "URRRRGH THA FUCK," was enough to give this Superbad clip a shout out.

6. Team America: World Police

Who would've thought that watching a string-operated puppet backstreet barf like a malfunctioning tap would cause us to want to give up on life, too?

7. Kick-Ass 2

The Sick Stick is the ultimate revenge tool for all those stuck-up 'popular' kids in school that needed to be brought down a peg or twelve. This weapon of (m)ass destruction promotes instant ejections from its victims...from both ends.

8. Stand by Me

'The Legend of Lardass' is another inspired tale of high-school revenge. Bullied for his weight, his belligerent, blueberry, Barf-O-Rama certainly rammed the point home and is still told around camp fires today.

9. Drag Me to Hell

There are so many mad mouth scenes in Drag Me To Hell I thought i'd include a little mad mouth montage for you. From an insanely gross bug-barf to throwing up a cat, this is probably the most...conceptual entry on the list.

10. The Sandlot

Going on a fairground spinning wheel is stomach churning at the best of times but after consuming a ton of chewing tobacco it's just plain rookie behavior.

11. Bridesmaids

Melissa McCarthy and Wendi McLendon-Covey simultaneously vomiting and shitting in a bridal store bathroom is one mental mind-fuck that can't be flushed. Hilarious.


Still in one piece?

(Source: IFC)


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