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Now that Game of Thrones is level pegging with the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, any source is now moving the story along. When George RR Martin finishes The Winds of Winter in 2031, we'll get a decent idea of where this story was always meant to go, but for now, the best we can do is accept the immensely popular HBO show as gospel.

The only problem is that the show has seemingly ignored much of Martin's original text in order to streamline the experience for viewers. That's all well and good for a TV show, but it risks sullying the broad story that fans want. Perhaps this dynamic could be salvaged if Game of Thrones Season 6 included a few choice plot points and characters from the books. Let's take a look at what could save the future of Game of Thrones.



Unlike many other fans, I can see why Lady Stoneheart was left out of Game of Thrones Season 4. The resurrection of Catelyn Stark is a neat cliffhanger for book readers, but it doesn't serve as much else than a shock. Her implementation in the show would only have felt cheap, but Cold Hands would have been amazing!

Coldhands is an enigmatic figure, who could be any number of rangers gone missing (including a particular relative of Jon Snow), though all that matters is that he's essentially a good guy who takes the form of a white walker. That's not sensationalism; that completely changes up the story, and posits the idea of allegiances within the white walkers. This opens up the possibility of a truce that could even save the entirety of Westeros... just saying.

Bran's Vision

This doesn't bode well.
This doesn't bode well.

I'm not saying that Bran's arc was mishandled in Season 4, though skeletons and fireballs definitely didn't help! His finale was sombre and mysterious, though simply didn't have the same weight as it did on the page. Fans were still pleased by his magic tree warg vision depicting supposedly one of Dany's dragons descending upon King's landing. When we next see Bran, no doubt he'll be giving us more cryptic glimpses of what's to come. Perhaps we could even see him perceive Ned Stark through time, allowing Sean Bean to turn up on set once more! Will we see it in Season 6? Definitely. It's visually foreshadowing mysterious events! TV shows love that stuff.!

Quentyn Martell

Quentyn Martell seems to be the emotional core of A Dance With Dragons, or he at least has the most significant arc, traveling across seas to marry Dany, only for it not to turn out quite as expected. The entire thing has the feel of a dude's road trip, and I'm surprised it didn't appear in Game of Thrones. Will we see it in Season 6? Season 5 did a good job of killing off enough characters to make room, but I'm still not convinced Benioff and Weiss are even interested in this character.

Another Targaryan

The Targaryen sigil.
The Targaryen sigil.

So this is where things get significantly spoilery. A Dance With Dragons concludes with the revelation that Elia Martell and Raegar Targaryen's baby was not killed in the sacking of King's Landing, but rather was whisked away by Varys at the last minute to preserve the Targaryen claim. That means that Dany's nephew, only a year or so younger than her, is still out there, ready to claim the Iron Throne before her. And how does this plot beat appear in the show? Not at all!

Will we see it in Season 6? Definitely not. As cool a reveal as this is, it complicates Dany's claim to the Iron Throne, which has been one of the main thrusts of the show. That and the fact that Varys has been established as fighting for Dany proves that the new prince Aegon just isn't there in the show. Sorry book readers! It seems Game of Thrones is streamlining, and ploughing off into the future!

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