ByIvailo Petrov, writer at

In the park have a Spinosaurus skeleton , but in the movie we don't see Spinosaurus.The question is "Are we gonna see Spinosaurus in Jurassic World 2" if is on Isla Sorna. I think Ingen have Spinosaurus but the tourist can see him because the atraction is not open yer or is closed for someting that is happend. Like Clair say "We will never go opened again" that look there are thing happend before the Indominus-Rex escape. Or the Spinosaurus is not ready yet or is future idea.

Maybe the Spinosaurus from Jurssic Park 3 is for Jurassic world but they want him to grow up but not in cage like the others dinosaurus.When the park was open they get the skeleton and one day they go to get it ,but he was dead. They don't expected that because Hammond don't know about the Grand's adventure and now they have new ,but it's not ready.


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