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Baldwin Collins

Reviewing this movie at first started out for me as very boring , but picked up wonderfully half way through the first act. Jake Gyllenhaal's Character Louis Bloom is a street smart thief, by watching him talk his way out of any situation , you the viewer wonder why be a thief ? after stealing some construction material from a site, Louis Bloom realizes the Life of crime isn't for him, After negotiations with a scrap yard foreman for the stolen material he Bloom, decides to turn his life around by asking the same foreman to hire him, Knowing that Bloom stole the material his answer is ' i don't employ thieves.

On he's way home, he notices a massive traffic accident had taken place, this is where the movie picks up my interest . Veteran actor Bill Paxton plays Joe Loder a Free lance Cameraman whose in the cameraman business a good while now, Bloom is instantly inspired by how Joe films the Accident scene. and how it all looks so simple and easy. Desperate to get into the Business, Bloom steals a Racing Bicycle and trades it in for a camcorder and a radio scanner,

his career as a free lance cameraman has begun. bloom struggle's from one accident scene to another trying to be the first video cameraman on the scene, his luck change's when he meets Nina Romina played by Rene Russo a morning News director Who pays free lancer cameramen for film footage, Louis Bloom now realizes that he's getting good at filming and being first on nearly all the accident scenes , he even hires an Assistant cameraman named rick played by Riz Ahmed who also has the advantage of knowing the streets . Nina and Blooms working relationship comes under pressure when blooms film footage is not what she believes is news worthy anymore she pressures bloom into thinking this.

Thinking that his new found career is on the line, louis bloom goes desperately on the look out for Hard core film footage, until he stumbles on a scene that resembles a Home invasion or is it something else ?

great movie i ended up really enjoying it, the film makers left a weird ending which gives a feeling that Louis Bloom will return in a Sequel film. Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo's Character's would do well in a Sequel. this movie opened on october 31 2014 the Budget was $8.5 million and a Box office $41.8 million taken. So there's a Good reason for a sequel.

In my opinion , If you haven't seen it yet it's a must see.


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