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In 2005, the famous marvel team known as the Fantastic Four was adapted into film. And one thing's for certain, it bombed. But 2 years later there was a sequel to the original film known as "Rise of the Silver Surfer", which bombed almost just as much. But here we are 8 years later in 2015, and now we have ANOTHER Fantastic Four film. And when I saw the trailer, I thought that it looked pretty promising. I thought that maybe this would be the movie that the Fantastic Four deserved, maybe this would destroy the 2005 version, maybe this could live up to the name "Fantastic" Four. But what did we get?.........Toby Kebbell as Doctor Doom.

So here's the plot: A young scientist named Reed Richards (Miles Teller) is recruited into a government sponsored research institute led by Franklin Storm (Reg E. Kathey), where he, his children Sue (Kate Mara) and Johnny (Michael B. Jordan), and a hacker/scientist named Victor von Doom (Toby Kebbell), are constructing a machine called a "Quantum Gate" which I guess transports people into other dimensions or different planets or something, I don't know. And when the experiment is completed, Reed contacts his childhood friend Benn (Jamie Bell) to come into the other dimension/planet/whatever with them. I only point this out because it's a key factor in this film. But after the experiment goes terribly wrong, Victor is left behind in the other dimension/planet/whatever and the remaining four (mentioned above) all discover that they have super mutant powers, which is focused on for about 5 minutes. But eventually Victor returns to the real world and now wants to destroy it.......for some reason. So the not so Fantastic Four have to stop him. And that's it, that's basically the entire movie right there.

So what's wrong with this movie you ask? Well first, let's talk about what is actually good about this movie. The visual designs in the other dimension/planet/whatever can be fun to look at and the battle at the end does have a lot of eye catching effects. But it all goes by so fast that you'll probably forget what the hell you were watching. It has a talented cast, but all of the characters are poorly written and under developed. The pacing in this movie is awful, the first ten minutes or so focuses on a young Reed and Benn building a teleportation device and then we immediately jump ahead to about 10 years later where Reed is asked to join the experiment for the "Quantum Gate". And after the 4 get their super powers it almost immediately jumps ahead to a whole year afterwards where apparently the military is now forcing them to use their powers for their own benefits, which is also focused on for about 5 minutes or less. And apparently Reed ran away right when he discovered his powers and somehow managed to get to Central America and started trying to find a cure. And then somehow Victor got superpowers too and is taken back into the real world, which he for some reason just wants to destroy now because for some reason he views the other dimension/planet/whatever as his home now. All in all, the pacing is very bad. And the biggest problem with this film is the exact same problem as the 2005 film, there is very little superhero action in it. We don't get a single action scene in this movie until the end of the third act, and even then it goes by just so fast that you forget you even saw it.

All in all, Fantastic Four (or Fant4stic, whatever the hell it's called) is a very boring, annoying, poorly paced, snooze fest, with very little Fantastic to offer for even the die hard comic book fans. And if you want my advice, save your money and see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation instead.


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