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First of all, I would like to mention, that I'm imaging myself as a villain not a hero.

1. Shape Shifting

Can anyone really say that they haven't wished, at least once, that they could shift into something else? This is an amazing power to have as in my version, not only can you shape shift into animals and humans but also into mythical creatures and inanimate objects. In combat, you could suddenly shift into a panther or a bird if you have to track your enemy in a matter of seconds! How cool is that? You could talk to your nemesis, become friends, get their secrets and then reveal yourself, and while their in shock, you would have the perfect opportunity to strike and kill them! Bye bye Hero. Logistics and tactics aside, think about where you could travel as a bird or the super senses you would inherit from your animal forms. I have always been fascinated with shape shifting because of the endless opportunities it offers, to be able to do it at will and within seconds, even for a words.

2. Eidetic Memory

To those who do not know what eidetic memory is, it is an ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory after only a few instances of exposure, with high precision. Like Reid from Criminal Minds. I chose this 'super power' over being super intelligent because that seemed to be a bit to cliche. Anyway, both super powers give me the desired effects, I would remember everything I read (useful since I'm a big reader), saw, tasted and heard. Imagine, you would only have to read/flick through a couple of books or websites to become a professional in that subject which would then give you an advantage over your nemesis. Aside from that, the ability to remember all your topics for exams and revision, goodbye studying 'till three o'clock in the morning.

3. Immortality

Now this is a gift as well as a curse. A curse in a sense you get to watch everyone you love or care about wither and die while you are frozen at a certain age. But I suppose, as a villain, I wouldn't have friends anyway, more minions than friends and family. Not a problem. On the other hand, it is a gift as you get to see the world develop, see history be made, have the ability to travel and see wonders all over the planet. Your nemesis wouldn't be able to get rid of you as, as soon as you die, you would come back to life healed. Think Wolverine without amnesia or mutant powers. Also, an added bonus, since one of my powers is shape shifting, I would be able to de-age myself or make my appearance older.

My Nemesis

Anyone and Everyone

I'm a villain, what did you expect? I mean, isn't easier just to target random people so that no one will figure out who you are? Sure, a vigilante would rise up sooner or later and I could battle with them for a while but at the end of the day, I'm immortal, they aren't. I could go against the government because they could shun me for my powers or want to use me or I could go against criminals but that kinda would be controversial as I'm one of them. Wait, would that mean I would have to fight myself. That would be really hard unless I would create plans and then destroy them. Hmm...


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