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It's sad to think that there probably will never ever be another Friends reunion on TV. But, at least we have the memories of our friends from New York on repeat whenever we need them. There are few theories that surround this epic show, and when one comes along, it has my attention right away. Especially this particularly awesome one by Redditor 'ojcoolj' suggesting that Joey may just be a bigger genius than you already thought he was!

Time to rewind back to Season 7, that famous episode 'The One with Ross's Library Book.' In this episode, Joey had a one night stand which he actually wanted Rachel to evict. This resulted in Chandler having to make pancakes for the girls, meaning that Joey got the tasty left overs! So then somehow Joey feels the need to opt for a second date with Erin, whom he so wanted to be rid of before. Then, surprisingly he falls for her, but then things turn into a strange loop. Unexpectedly Erin is not looking for anything serious and breaks things off with Joey. After this happens, Joey is sad and moping around so Rachel makes Joey some delicious pancakes to cheer him up. Notice a theme here? Pancakes. Mmm, pancakes.

Time to weave in Redditor ojcoolj's theory!

Theory: The entire subplot was manipulated by Joey as an attempt to get pancakes!

1. It's no secret that Joey REALLY loves food

Joey never, ever shares food - even if he is on a date! He let's his friends know about it by yelling, "Joey doesn't share food," right in their faces. Joey is astonishingly known for requesting not one, but two pizzas. He's a mean, lean food machine.

2. Joey can't cook

Joey really doesn't seem to know his way around the kitchen, judging by the stacks of takeout containers and menus throughout his apartment in every episode. Take-out seems to be his main resource for feeding himself. So, if Rachel were to make him pancakes, it'd just be another reason not to cook. Plus, he's probably too lazy to even make them himself.

3. Erin spun Joey's words around on him

Redditor ojcoolj's theory explains:

The girl, Erin, when asking Rachael to get Joey to end things with her, used Joey's exact words; stating she did not want a serious relationship. Given his reputation in the show - hell, it's JOEY, nobody could say that about him with a straight face. If this isn't a sign that she's in on it, I may as well burn my box-sets. He's relatively rich enough. At that point in the show, he had just gotten back onto Days of Our Lives - giving him enough disposable income to pay Erin off.

4. Joey really became overly happy when Rachel offered him pancakes

When Joey's wait was up and Rachel finally offered him pancakes, this joyous occasion was met by Joey announcing, "Finally!" Maybe this is just typical Joey being overly happy to see food and feeding his obsession, but Joey calling out could mean that his master plan had amazingly just come together.

Redditor Ojcoolj's theory explains:

"Isn't it just a tiny bit possible that he had been orchestrating the entire thing, and he just couldn't contain his excitement when it came to fruition? Maybe Joey's smarter than he looks... he turned the tables of the entire subplot effortlessly."

5. It's only when pancakes are around that Joey gets sensitive

Before and after this episode, the sensitive nature of Joey's character was a little more discarded and never mentioned again. Redditor ojcoolj's theory calls this "Typical sitcom writing obstacles," and they have a fair point!

Maybe this isn't the most serious of fan theories, but it sure is fun! I mean, pancakes are pretty damn tasty. With Joey's adoration of all things food, I can see the truth in this theory, too! Is Joey a secret food savant? Will this genius turn to evil and play any manipulative game he can to scarf down golden stacks of deliciousness? We all know he does get a bit crazy over his eats!


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