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Dane Blum

(Captain)- Deathstroke

Abilities- Enhanced reflexes, Intelligence, Speed, Strength, Stamina as well as an enhanced healing factor and Extreme military training and Weaponry (including Kryptonite Laced Flash bangs for encounters of the kryptonian kind).

As much as I am A fan of Deadpool he is my hero, lets face if it he lacks the focus and serious look on life that is required to get the job done here. So why not stick with the original this time, The Terminator Deathstroke. A Slightly enhanced human being made of flesh and blood just like you and me he has stood toe to toe with gods and proven himself to be one of the greatest threats too even the likes of Superman. Being a man of the military Slade Joseph Wilson is no rookie in combat he has a vast alignment of weaponry that seem to be countermeasures for anyone he faces, before even he know who they actually are. As well as his weaponry Deathstroke has a healing factor that allows him to regenerate tissue at a much faster rate than any other human. being.

Aside from all that He Possesses in the physical plain the greatest Weapon at his disposal is his mind itself. Being a man of the art of war Slade has the skills, Combat experience and Tactical Awareness to Rival and even outmatch that of Batman and Captain America without Hesitation Deathstroke is able to come up with a plan of attack at a moments notice. Making him the obvious Team Leader and the perfect definition of Evolution at it's finest.

First round pick- Vision

Abilities- Flight, Phasing, Laser beam, Strength and Intelligence/technology control.

Vision was Ultron perfect view on the evolution of what he wanted to be his new race of beings. Unfortunately Vision decided like most children He chose to ignore his parents and contributed to Ultrons Demise. Vision is my first choice purely because of his ability to Phase and control Technology. Vision is not man or machine he is special. If you go by Vision in the Age of Ultron Movie adaptation he is depicted as being even more powerful, Carrying the mind stone as well as wielding Mjiolnir infront of your very eyes. with the help of the mind stone Vision will instantly be able to control his opponent rendering the battle won before it has even started.

Second Round pick- Randy Ortan

Abilities-Brilliant Tactician


My Second Pick is None other than the Viper or otherwise known as the legend Killer Himself, Randy ortan! With Rko's Coming out of nowhere these days we have seen the Persona of sports entertainer Randall Keith Ortan demolish the the world over, Lurking in the Shadows ready to strike just as his name sake suggest. Randy has taken on the likes of the man of steel Superman and The incredible Hulk as if it were child splay as well as stopping a missile from launching into the air with his devastating move. As well as his Attacks that come out of the blue inside the squared circle Randy has proven to be a tactical genius who can and will work well with other in time of great crisis. This makes him the perfect choice for my team Even taking on the name of the group that made him the icon he is today. Apart from the sentimental reason Evolution has been chosen as the name because his team mates, like Randy ,are proof that evolution creates the perfect Legend killer.

Third Round Pick- Doomsday

Abilites- Super strength, healing factor (presumed unkillable), External bone Structures Able to cut and tear Kryptonian skin.

When it comes to the example of evolution at its finest the brains generally are needed, But what happens when you need something more? You bring in the Muscle!! And just like The Justice League having Superman and The avengers having "A Hulk" Team Evolution has Doomsday. The Seemingly mindless Creature is Evolution personified having being created for the sole purpose of perfecting evolution itself. Doomsday is hell bent of destruction and has the mean to do so without anything holding him back. He Holds achievements such as killing The Man of Steel (sorry he did kill him how many times has a hero dies only to be resurrected, Hence forth Superman was Killed) and laying waste to countless lives. Doomsday is seemingly unkillable with with his "deaths" only being a temporary state of healing for a period of time depending on the extent of his injuries and upon his return he develops an immunity to the way he was just defeated. He has limitless potential to defeat anyone and although he may not seem like a team player (he honestly is not) he will work with evolution for for two reasons. The first being Self preservation, Sure he will survive but imagine if he did get killed and had to take millennia to recover? That takes alot of time he could be using to kill people. The other reason being purely based on Dominance, Doomsday has proven time an again he is the unstoppable force of the comic book world and I guarantee he wants it to stay that way.

Overall Team Evolution is proof that you need to adapt to survive. The perfect combination of Vipers, Terminators and Destruction Each member Is as dangerous as the last each with their own strengths it takes little to notice that no one can outmatch evolution itself.


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