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Our world is under attack, and only one team can save it, maybe. Team Name: The Chimichungas Team Captain: Deadpool, aside from his many psychological issues and personal ticks (like the K-word), Deadpool is like a cockroach. You can't keep him down, and he has a veritable arsenal of fourth-wall breaking, bad guy killing, bad joke telling, and bloody mess inspiring talents. Is he the best, a good, or even mediocre team captain? No. He is bonkers, and you can't plan for crazy which is what makes him my team captain. And rubber chickens. 1st round draft pick: Batman. If the team captain is nuts, the next guy has to just be crazy good. Enter the Dark Knight, a master of martial arts and detective work, a man with a plan for everything, a man with the resources to make that plan happen, and the brilliance to adapt to any situation. Understanding the merits of lunacy, and the benefits of unpredictability based on his battles with the Joker and Riddler makes Batman a good second in command to Deadpool. 2nd round draft pick: Wedge Antilles (Star Wars) who blew up two Death Stars, has no connection to the force, and is recognized as the greatest fighter pilot of all time after Luke Skywalker? The leader of Rogue Squadron, Luke's personal friend, and all around genius Wedge Antilles. In the Comics run of Star Wars Rogue Squadron we saw him as a crack shot, good detective, and excellent people manager. He has the ability to help people get along as well as get them to focus, in addition to surviving not one but two assaults on Death Stars. He is also an excellent strategist and extremely humble, giving this team some added depth. It also begs mentioning that he can fly just about anything. 3rd Round Draft Pick: Rocket Racoon Rocket is a master strategist, expert shot, survivor of a couple of galactic catastrophes, brilliant pilot, and all around smart-mouth. Rocket also has the ability to blend in well, being a Racoon and smaller than everyone else making his sneaking and thieving ways helpful to turning the tables on the enemy. Conclusion, a well balanced team of smart and unpredictable individuals with the smarts and varied talents to deal with any threat that comes our way, with a rubber chicken.


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