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All heroes are different. Some have super powers, others are skilled when it comes to the martial arts, and others are shy but brave. Despite their differences, most heroes share one feature: a goal. It could be an ideal, a cause, the well-being of their city, their country, the world or even the whole Universe!

Centuries ago, when guns hadn't been invented, soldiers carried very little equipment and had to fight against hordes of enemies. The only way they could win, was if they harnessed the infinite power that is Courage. They continuously fought, striving to complete their objective (their ultimate goal), behaving like true Knights, worthy of all the rewards and medals a man can desire.

Therefore, I'd say that a modern-day Hero can be considered a Knight!

Presenting... THE KNIGHTS:

Team Captain: Sir William Wallace (Braveheart)

As portrayed by Mel Gibson
As portrayed by Mel Gibson

William Wallace is a myth. The only proof that he ever existed is a poem written by a man named Blind Harry and historians have deemed his adventures "unhistorical".

Nevertheless, Braveheart is a great film and the character it presents us with is thoroughly developed and fantastically conceived. Sir William Wallace was a Scottish Leader who guided his troops to victory against the English and their king, Edward "Longshanks".

Wallace is the perfect team leader. Why? He is brave, courageous, smart and strong. He has got all the qualities of a great Knight and of a great Leader. His men, at first afraid of fighting the English listen to his motivational speech, and inspired by his leadership skills they battled the English head on and won. He has no super powers, but his sheer strength and intelligence make up for that.

William Wallace was born a Leader and he is the right person to lead this team of fearless Knights to Victory!

"Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it."

First Round Pick: The Batman

Batman's about to drop the sickest track of 2015!
Batman's about to drop the sickest track of 2015!

You saw it coming, didn't you? I gave it away right in the beginning when I named my team "The Knights", didn't I?

Well, we all know why I chose Batman. Batman is The Dark Knight! He's a master in martial arts and dons a suit filled with technological upgrades that could easily compete with the Iron Man suit (just don't mention any flying, ok?).

Batman is ready for any kind of situation and is able to face any enemy that comes his way. He would most certainly get along with Wallace, as both fight for a noble cause (the Independence of Scotland and the safety of Gotham) and both are fearless men, ready to sacrifice themselves for a greater good.

Second Round Pick: Luke Skywalker

Gotta love that green light saber!
Gotta love that green light saber!

Yet another character that is both literally and metaphorically (in what concerns personality traits) a Knight. Luke Skywalker, a Jedi Knight, is a character dear to our hearts, mostly because of his heroic actions and selfless attitude. He changes throughout the films and that's what makes him the Luke we all cherish!

Luke was unable to ignore those who needed help, even endangering assignments for the sake of saving someone else's life. After battling his father one last time, he rejects the Emperor's plan (of him being by his side), which allowed him to see his father sacrifice himself for the good of the Galaxy and kill Palpatine.

Luke, a Force-sensitive human, would be of utmost help to "The Knights", due to his Force-related powers!

Third Round Pick: Goku

Immensely Powerful: check!
Immensely Powerful: check!

Last but not least: *drum roll* Son Goku!

As hard as it may seem to conceive, Goku was sent to Earth by Bardock, his father, in an attack pod, so that he could escape Frieza's evil intentions and conquer Earth. He was an ill-tempered infant, just like most Saiyan children. After falling down a deep ravine, he lost all his aggression and became a kind boy.

Because of this, he grew up as an Earthling and has protected Earth from several threats throughout his life. He's ready to put other people's lives in front of his, he is also a very humble person, and does not take himself too seriously, despite being very very tough.

Goku is funny (which is great in a team of very serious people) and loyal (like a true Knight) to those on his side. Kakarot (his Saiyan name) is one of the most powerful Saiyan out there, as he has super strength and super speed (and a few other awesome powers too).

And you never know... Maybe, some day we'll need some Dragon Balls and Goku knows where to find them! ;)


So, what do you guys think about my team?


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