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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Take a look at the photograph above. Encircled in red is one of the only known extant images of Sarah Eustace - the mental patient who escaped from Danvers State Lunatic Asylum.

Danvers State - and the bizarre series of events and winding tunnels that surround it - directly inspired American Horror Story: Asylum, the infamous second series that fans view as the most 'pure horror' of the show's history.

Briarcliff in American Horror Story: Asylum
Briarcliff in American Horror Story: Asylum

A long system of dark tunnels lay beneath Danvers State, which is how patient Sarah Eustace escaped in 1955. The asylum was put on lockdown for a week and the authorities searched as thoroughly as they could... but Sarah Eustace was never seen again. Did she perish or make it out alive?

Gail Molloy, a Danvers nurse intrigued by Sarah's tale went looking in the tunnels during the mid-60's and, though she never found Sarah Eustace's remains, she did capture this figure on camera in 1966. Perhaps Sarah's spirit never left the building.

The tunnels are particularly prevalent in the episode 'Nor'Easter' from American Horror Story: Asylum, where several characters make a bid for freedom...

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