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The upcoming DC film Suicide Squad is about a year away. This is a bold risk for DC, especially since it's only the 3rd film in the DCCU. Much like Guardians of the Galaxy was a risk and huge payoff for Marvel, I feel like we're looking at the same situation here. Still not convinced? By the end of this list you will be.

5. David Ayer

This film is being directed by David Ayer, who is no stranger to handling ensemble characters. Some of the films under his belt are S.W.A.T., End of Watch, Fury, and Training Day. So he has experience handling badass characters while telling interesting and action packed stories. It's safe to say this film is in good hands.

4. Plenty of interesting characters

Most of the characters in this film are unknown to the mainstream media. Despite that they're all very unique i'm sure fans will love them, and this is a great way the expand the DCCU. We got a deadly samurai, a guy with a bad skin condition and blood-lust, someone who can manipulate fire, a man who never misses his shot, a girl who got magical powers from a demon, a military man, an assassin fond of rope, a guy who will kill your ass with a boomerang, and a crazy psychiatrist. What's not to love?

3. Batman cameo

As we saw in the trailer, Batman will be in this film. Something we're all wondering is why? A lot seem to think that it'll follow closely to his role in Assault on Arkham. It very well could be. But i feel like there's more. Some speculate that this scene in the picture above is right after Joker killed Robin. If so that would add a whole new dynamic to the film, and it'd be great to see how the new Batman and Joker interact, since we're not going to see that in Batman V. Superman. Either way this is a smart move, especially if Affleck's Batman is as great as we're hearing.

2. Origins galore

Some large complaints about this film is how it's seriously jumping the gun and won't properly introduce new fans to these characters. Well that new trailer showed us different, showing us possible origin stories to Enchantress and her discovering the demon that gave her her powers, Deadshot with his daughter, and Harleen Quinnzel on a table about to be tortured by the Joker. It might show even more than what we saw in the trailer for other characters. This does bode well for the movie, giving new fans origins to attach to these characters and us the ones we know and love. Besides they don't have to give an origin story for everybody. Do you really care why Captain Boomerang decided to pursue a life of crime involving boomerangs? Didn't think so.

1. New Joker

Joker is one of the most loved and famous villains of all time. He's had many incarnations has been portrayed by many talented actors. Jared Leto is no exception. Having won an Oscar for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club, we know he is a talented and committed actor. Also i respect the fact they're trying to differentiate this one from past performances, in both look and characteristics. We are getting a truly insane and dangerous Joker by the looks of it, one that might also be the most comic accurate. The most exciting thing about him being in this film is what role does he play? It does't look like he's part of the Suicide Squad. Is it him they're going after? Is he getting in their way some how? Is he just there doing his own thing? Whatever it is it's peaked my interest and I cannot wait for this portrayal.

Thanks for reading my article hope you enjoyed it. I'd like to know why you're excited for Suicide Squad so feel free to comment below. Suicide Squad will hit theaters August 5th 2016. Will you be there opening day?


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