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The highly anticipated Justice League movie is scheduled to come out in 2017. This will be the first ever Justice League movie on screen and here five things it needs to do in order for it to be a successful film.

Character Dynamics.

One thing that makes Marvel's Avengers films so successful is the team dynamic between all the heroes. Every superhero in the Avengers plays off one another and ultimately makes them an all-around better team. Now for the first Justice League film don't expect a cohesive team just yet as most likely heading in the only ones familiar with each other are Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. But during the course of the films start to establish key relationships like the Batman and Superman dynamic or the Green Lantern and Flash buddy-cop type relationship, or in terms of the rivalry aspect the Batman and Green Lantern rivalry could work extremely well, you have a veteran in Batman and a hot-shot cocky hero in Hal Jordan could really form a awesome type of rivalry in the Justice League film. Character dynamics in a team is very important and having that in Justice League is a must have in order to make the film a better movie.

Memorable Villain.

The one thing that Marvel has been lacking with so far is a menacing villain or a strong villain as a matter of fact in terms of character portrayal. Nearly all of the MCU villains are forgettable and not really memorable in the movies their in except for the likes of Loki. That were DC can really have an edge in terms of making their villain a memorable one that gets fans and critics talking alike. Zod was a pretty memorable villain in Man of Steel and people still debate whether or not (spoiler alert) Superman killing him was the right choice or not. When the Justice League movie hits, Snyder needs to make whoever their villain is a memorable one.

Aquaman has to be a badass.

Aquaman was once a laughing stock to many but no longer in the New 52 of DC Comics. In the New 52 he is an official certified badass, I mean look up at the picture above. Aquaman in the New 52 is not a man you want to cross as he has anger issues and is extremely powerful. Jason Momoa who will be portraying in the peculiar character in the DC Extended Universe and has even clarify that his Aquaman will be based off the New 52 version which is a good sign for many fans since he will be appearing in the Justice League as a member. But Snyder has to find away to give Aquaman his due which leads me to my next point...

Give every character there due.

One thing that Snyder has to really do carefully is not overshadow one character over another. He needs to make sure every character gets there due and there reasonable amount of time in the spotlight. Don't have the film revolve around Batman and Superman but the entire team in the film. Take Justice League the animated series for example, Batman and Superman were not the main focus but the whole entire team was. In some cases Batman and Superman were not in some of the episodes but shifted to other characters and gave them the spotlight. Now i'm not saying Batman and Superman shouldn't have their epic badass moments in the film but give each team member their due and their time to shine.

Solid story.

The Justice League movie needs to have a solid all-around good story to complement the mind-blowing action that we will of course see with Zack Snyder at the helm. Apparently Zack Snyder is taking some inspiration from 'The Dark Knight Returns' so it will be interesting how that inspiration from that comic will turn into a solid Justice League movie tale but only time will tell. But regardless of what the inspiration is, Justice League needs to have a good story at it core instead of being another mindless popcorn flick with little substance in it at all *cough* *cough* Transformers movies.

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