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When the world is in danger earth's greates fighters must gather as its last line of defense

Team captain: Batman

Batman as we know is one of the most intelligent and strategic heroes of all time, plus he's got the guts,like when he punched a god in the face, he's got the drive to fight for what he loves.

Batman could strategicaly calculate he's team's stregnths and weakneses, which puts him in a great role as team leader. Batman is also one of the most creative heroes, he'll do whatever it takes to overcome the problem

1st round pick: Son Goku

Every team needs that character that will break all limits to achieve the impossible, aside from batman, Goku is a character who does just that. When faced with an enemy he will stop at nothing to defeat him, even if it kills him.

Goku is a character who will surpass all given limits to protect the ones he love. Goku is also an amazingly great fighters, one of the best in the universe it would seem.

2nd round pick: Superman

So now that we have two characters which break their limits, I'll throw in a man with no limits, superman.

Being the powerhouse of this team, he will definetly crush his enemies, but he won't be able to do it all on his own he needs allies.

Superman's strength is unlimited as long as he can see yellow sunlight, in other words, superman is as strong as he needs to be.

3rd round pick: Iron man

Iron man would be the 'tech guy' on the team, this engineer is known for his ultimate technology, although they say he doesn't do well on a team if the world's in danger i'm sure he'll have no problem.


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