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Luis Rodriguez

Sinister 2 is the anticipated sequel to Sinister, a movie based on the demon Bughuul's sick plot to have kids kill their families and then take the children's souls. The trailers for this latest one promise to bring the scares and probably make it one of the creepiest films of the year. Sinister being the creep and horror fest that it is has no doubt been on a role with the creepy marketing from the twin boys delivering the rats to certain people to even now having a website where you can just freak out your friends! The website is Spread The Fear and you're able to do your own video and at the very end add that terrific jump scare to have anybody thinking of Bughuul all night. You can watch my example of my bunny being more terrifying than it needs to be below!

I'm sorry for any nightmares that might have induced but look at it on the bright side now you know how to do this as well. All you have to do is create a 16 second or less video and upload it on the website and from there just choose which of the two scares you want. You will be able to upload it to YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook and give your friends something to think about at night. I hope you have fun with this and don't forget to check out Sinister 2 when it comes out August 21st!


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