ByRoman Carden, writer at

Im not exited about the new fantastic four movie... heres why:

i think the movie is gonna be a bust because theres not going to be the normal fantastic four character we know... I'm not saying its bad but i don't like that there being original with human torch and mister fantastic looks different which are all small things don't get me wrong but things like movie reviews tell me that (correct me if I'm wrong) doctor doom sends them like threats via email and that he's sending out a computer virus so i don't know if this is true but I'm not exited for this movie... it looks directed badly EVEN IN THE PREVIEWS! But of course being a marvel fan i will watch this movie but with very low expectations... tell me if theres something wrong with what i say in this or if you have an opinion of your own (not that you wouldn't put that down regardless but sorry if this is short just wanted to put it out there.


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