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So my basic idea, when I think if a second movie is, one or a few of the "good" descendants turning evil. Probably still being sour about the "evil" descendants coming into "their" domain. Who you choose for the role/roles is open to just about any of them, other than Ben. I don't feel like that would be a good choice. Anyway, the "good" descendant(s) should reach out to the remaining Villains on the Island to devise an evil plan. What that plan is and how everything goes down is up to you guys, use your imagination. Bringing some new characters on both (good and bad) sides is not a bad idea either, but keep the main cast the same they did an amazing job. As a side issue in the story, Mal and Ben could have an argument about using her magic and giving it up. Of course she doesn't want too, but Ben tells her she doesn't need it and she should stop being so much like her mother. In the end she ends up using it to save Everyone and Ben subsides his doubts of the magic she uses. So ya, that's just my ideas to throw around some. I cannot wait for the next movie to come out. This was a very creative and wonderful idea of Disney. Good job guys.


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