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I've read a lot of Marvel comics Sean a lot of there Movies and researched a bunch about Marvel
Colin Carroll
... has a plan in mind for black widow but with all they have on there plate you can't expect them to just drop everything there doing and just give us black widow now. it wouldint make sense to put her in now anyway. yes it would be great to see her on the shelves but as stated she and other girl superheros just aren't popular to little girls. Also stated on here is the fact that there a company and want to make money also true. Also just cuss your not happy about what Marvel is doing dosnt mean you'll get what you what by bitching about it. Another thing stated on her is that women superheros don't always make good super hero movies. Electra and catwomen are some examples. and before you get started I know guy superheros in movis haven't worked either daredevil being the biggest one for me. Also that's probably why there hesitant about making a women superhero because there afraid it will fall flat. I mean I think we all remember how bad Howard the duck was. So takeing all that in to effect. It's understandable why thay are not makeing a movie TV show or releasing toys of her. But don't worry your pretty little heads because even if she does not have a movie you still got what you wanted like you whany biches always do you have Jessica Jones coming to Netflix soon captain marvels on her way soon and if that's not enough in the comics third now a chick blade is no long the vapire hunter its his daughter wolverine is now a chick and captain America is now black.

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