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Though I have not read as many comics as I should have, I am a huge fan of most things nerdy. Particularly superheroes. I have always found
Jo-Jo Hurford-Reynolds

These characters I believe would be the perfect team up for any threat that would come to earth. I call them the "Dream Team". I have made a selection of the finest men for the job branching from Quentin Tarantino movies, to 80's classics.

First off we have our leader.

1. Standartenführer Hans Landa

This classic Tarantino character is not the strongest force in the world, but he is definitely among the cleverest. His creative thinking, and general dominance over most situations makes him the clear choice for leading my Dream Team. I know those who have seen "Inglorious Bastards" will agree with me. Though he is technically a Nazi he is still ideal for leading my team.

2. John Constantine

Though Constantine isn't much of a fighter I would have him on my team for defensive purposes. Think about it. Whenever we go to his hideout, or at least in the show, its got more security measures than the White House. I think he would valuable for defensive enchantments when the invasion comes. He also has a few magical artifacts that could likely be of great use. If necessary he could summon a few demons to.

3. Deadpool

This one is kind of a no brainer. Deadpool is an excellent fighter, but that's not why I want him. I think he is an excellent choice because he is the ultimate expendable. He will undertake the necessary mission no matter the risks, because his powers take away any risk. Especially with the leader of my team being a Nazi, I feel his healing factor and can do attitude will be highly valuable to his plans. Plus we need some light humor for the team.

4. The Terminator

This choice is pure muscle. Better still he is the muscle that takes orders, assuming he is programmed to follow the team leaders commands. His general resourcefulness, and flawless design for killing he will be a valuable asset to the team. Also he is Arnold Schwarzenegger so we cant lose. Its true the other Terminator models are stronger, but it seems most of the time the T-800 model has come out on top every time.

That is my choice for my dream team. Please comment your thoughts about my choices.


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