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It wasn't long ago that fans were clued into the growing line-up of familiar DC characters joining the cast of CBS' upcoming Supergirl, but now we can put a face to a name when it comes to the wild, antagonistic Livewire. According to Variety, the True Blood alum has been cast as Leslie Willis, a shock-jock host within the CatCo media branch - and thusly, a colleague of Kara Zor-El's at the company.

Described as possessing an abrasive and confident personality, Leslie will undergo "an accident makes her as dangerous and shocking as her words," turning her into the titular villain and yet another thorn in the side of our young superheroine.

Livewire first appeared in volume one, issue five of the Superman Adventures comic series, and wreaked havoc throughout Metropolis during her tenure. She's crossed over to face several other heroes and heroines, but is probably best known for her appearances in the 90's Superman animated series.

Supergirl premieres October 26th on CBS.


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