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Oh boy, it was a bad bad week for Fox and the Fantastic Four franchise! It seems they can't escape what I would like to call a curse at this point. Fox can't seem to pull off a successful Fantastic Four movie fans have been waiting for fro years. Now I must say that I am not going to criticize the movie because I have not seen the film. I am going to wait to rent it verses going to only see it prove my point that it was not going to be a good film. Well, based on reviews and the box office results... it got a worse go at it than I thought it would. I ultimately was worried that this version was going to accepted by enough people so much that there would be no way we would see the 1st superhero family as they should be any time soon. It has been less than a week and the Fant4stic has only grossed a putrid 27 million in the US with an overseas total of 34 million. Combined, it would still be a major disappointment considering the big bucks superhero movies make these days.

There has been so much made of the casting choices and of what source material used and how much of it they followed it, not to mention how the super villain Doom was interpreted.

This biggest glaring problem was the internal problems between Fox Studios and Josh Trank. Whether it was studio interference or Josh coming in late and drunk, last minute refilming and major disagreements, it was a recipe for disaster. If you add the not so happy Fantastic Four fans on the direction the film was going, this movie was heading towards a deathblow which is what happened at the premier and the weekend showings.

So...what happens now?

A sequel?

With a movie fail such as this, what does Fox Studios think would be the best option? Well for one thing, they haven't ruled out a sequel, which I don't know why. Sequels after after a bad 1st movie tends to not favor them financially. Fans remember how bad the first one was and they would try to avoid being wrong twice. They are already losing easily over 50 million dollars on this movie alone. Look at the sequels that suffered from not so good debuts...

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Weekend gross 22 Million

Elektra (Daredevil spinoff) - Weekend gross 12.8 Million

I would have loved to include The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, but they actually gross 55 million on its weekend premier. That movie alone was disappointing. Best advice for Fox is to not go forward with the sequel, history is not in their favor, especially after the other Fantastic Four movie duds. But with all the inner turmoil involved, they may chalk it up to a marriage gone bad and believes they can turn it around. But hasn't the damage been done already?!

Will they reboot them again?

Maybe they realize their approach wasn't very popular among fans, will they scrap their original plan and start fresh? The movies itself was setup for a sequel, which may have also hurt their hopes for a successful movie. the MCU have been doing a lot of Easter eggs and setup for the next movie(s) in their films. Fox noticing how successful Marvel has been doing that causes a copycat effect, Sony also jumped on board as well with Amazing Spider-Man 2 with a setup movie that essentially killed the movie series. Now, my least favorite words in the movie industry are remake and reboot.

We are a creative species and have experienced a movie industry that has given us a lot great original films. Today's film era has taken a break from that and decided that remakes and reboots are the way to go. The beauty part about having no reboots to older films is that there is nothing to compare it to, especially if it is a classic. That's how it should be. That being said, there is no other reason to reboot other than to hold their movie rights the Fantastic Four to keep Marvel from reacquiring them.

Do they sell the rights back to Marvel?

Many Fantastic Four Fans and comic book fans are in the hopes of the Fantastic Four characters will come back to Marvel after the failing reboot attempt. There has been talks of Fox asking fans what they should do from this point, it is unclear if that really did happen or not, but it is certain that fans want to petition to have Fox return the 1st superhero family back to Marvel. At this point, selling them wouldn't hurt Fox other than their pride. And who's struggling the most here? Marvel trying to get Fantastic Four back, or Fox trying to keep from going broke because of the foursome?

Marvel will be fine with or without them, they have many more movies on tap in the years to come. Fox on the other hand, is only helping Marvel's case that the characters would be served better in the hands of a studio that can make a very good superhero movies.

In order for Fox to turn it around, they will have to make dramatic improvements. It cost them more to do that than turning a profit. I am sure that Marvel would pay a handsome sum for the Fantastic Four. Isn't better for them to cut theirs losses at this point and make some of that money back that they lost or are losing? Logically, it makes sense, but pride... they may much rather sink into the icy abyss like the Titantic in a boat the size of the S.S. Minnow. Who knows what they do.


What should Fox Studios do with the Fantastic Four?


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