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CAUTION- movie spoilers: To many people the sequel to the amazing Spider-Man was just another installment in a long line of crappy sequels to good movies, but personally I disagree. If you go back and truly watch the movie and look for the filming elements like the foreshadowing, the irony, the juxtaposition, all of it is truly amazing. I mean in the first movie we see how he becomes who he is as Spider-Man and truly identifing the fact that he is not a hero but he is just a man with a vendetta, but he transforms into this hero that people can look to and feel hope. In the second installment we see how he is struggling with the life he chose. He is haunted by the mistakes of his past and you see this in how he keeps seeing captain Stacey everywhere and it makes him want to push Gwen away but he loves her and he can't stay away. He wants to keep her away because as much as he loves her you see throughout the movie how people rely on Spider-Man for hope and peace and he has a duty to the people of New York to protect them which will mean he will make enemies and if they find out who he is Gwen is in danger. A lot of people had problems with Gwen dying and as much as I didn't like her death, it was necessary. Think about it, if he had left with Gwen the sinister six would have risen and taken over New York and no one could stop them. So by taking away the option of him being able to leave it insured the safety of New York, and the foreshadowing to her dying was amazing with him expressing how much he needs her and then ultimately losing her. Speaking of irony and foreshadowing, this is perfectly shown in how he saved the little boy who was being bullied and gave that boy hope again, and at the end of the movie that boy gave Spider-Man hope again, even when Peter was being bullied and tormented by the loss of Gwen this little boy who looked up to him gave him hope again. I will admit I was not a fan of this version of the Green Goblin, I thought it was a weird interpretation of the villain almost as if they were just looking for a way to put him in the movie because Gwen is suppose to die by his hand. Also the scene with the planes about to run into each other really wasn't need and it seems like it was put there just to fill time. But overall the movie left almost nothing unexplained and was beautifully directed and written. In my own opinion, the trailers gave away to much of the movie and ultimately ruined the surprises to come in the movie. Without the trailers the movie would have done way better. Besides that the movie truly shows the spirit and attitude of Spider-Man which is saying that with great power comes great responsibility.8/10


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