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You guys ready for a little theory, and some speculation? Of course you are. In [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) we saw our favorite speedster give his life in order to save Hawkeye and a young boy from enemy fire. After the battle, the team collected the citizens, and the body of their fallen comrade, to bring them onto the helicarriers before the ground collapsed beneath them. During this scene, we see Hawkeye deny medical treatment before laying down next to Quicksilver's lifeless body.


Now we know that Hawkeye survived the battle, but was the shot that you see in the low quality picture above some kind of hint of what's to come? Even though the archer is very much alive, he looks dead as he lies next to the man who saved his life. Is Marvel trying to tell us that Hawkeye will be the next to go? Or are they just emphasizing the fact that he was that close to death? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Now if Hawkeye were to be taken away from us, how could it all go down? Here are a few possibilities that come to mind.

1. He could be incinerated by Thanos in Infinity War. Now I know it would be a horrible way to go, but death isn't clean and it sure isn't pretty.

2. He could be killed during Civil War by a hero on the opposing side. That would definitely send Cap and Iron Man on a guilt trip for starting the war in the first place. Heck I think it would send the majority of the heroes on a guilt trip simply because they took part in a war that resulted in the death of a comrade. Iron Man would also have to explain it to Clint's wife and children why he died. Imagine how devastating a scene that would be.

What do you folks think?


Will Hawkeye share the same fate as Quicksilver?


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