ByJoey Sosa, writer at

As an aspiring author-screenwriter, I write because I enjoy it and have something to say . Of course I would love to have success but I still have my day job so I'm allowing the universe to unfold as it should. But I can't help but believe Hollywood likes to play it safe by coming out with sequels. Lightning in a bottle can't be planned, that's what makes it so. When i like something I enjoy, I like to revisit but not to the point to where I'm not going to like it anymore. I love lobster but not as an appetizer then have it with bisque & then main course in a meal. It seems what can be successful has never been so unpredictable with reality shows captivating but no end in sight with "Naked Dating" now being aired! So many talented writters are available and I believe great stories awaiting but not if Hollywood continues to play it safe with sequels & doesn't open up to new ideas that im sure will revolutionize the industry & pave the way for undiscovered talent to unveil their work.


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