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Perhaps one of the greatest cinema alliances in history - the great Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. These two cinematic geniuses are set to pair up and turn Erik Larson's non-fiction book called "The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness at The Fair That Changed America", that centres around the notorious serial killer known has H.H. Holmes, otherwise known as the guy who killed over 25 people at least, at the 1893 Chicago World's fair.

What makes this news so exciting is that the role of the antagonist, the serial killer, has been given to Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio tends to play the good guy, the protagonist, or the guy thats really bad but you really love, for example his portrayal of Jordan Belfort or Frank Abagnale Jr. My point is that DiCaprio is rarely casted as the actual official villain, we've seen him play Calvin Candie in Django Unchained (2012) and he was brilliant in that, unpredictable, despicable and terrifying, and I am so looking forward to seeing DiCaprio delve into his villainous side and explore what he can do when portraying the murderous psychopath that is H.H. Holmes.

DiCaprio, Lumley, Scorsese: The Wolf of Wall Street
DiCaprio, Lumley, Scorsese: The Wolf of Wall Street

Various studios have reportedly been battling it out on who will eventually obtain the rights to adapt the book onto the cinema screen. Universal, Fox and MGM have been in aggressive pursuit to develop the project but Paramount has closed the deal to put Martin Scorsese as the figurehead of the project.

The movie will no doubt be a period drama, a movie that will take place in the late 1800's in Chicago will undoubtedly look incredible. With all the architecture, costumes and general culture of Chicago in around that time will look beautiful on screen. Martin Scorsese has proved that he can create a masterful period drama, with his work on Boardwalk Empire (2010), Gangs of New York (2002), Hugo (2011) and Shutter Island (2010) and many more, and no doubt this will add to that list. This movie will be their sixth collaboration and the script is believed to be written by the Academy Award Nominee Billy Ray, which is a great choice in the respect that he developed an incredibly hard story onto the big screen with Captain Phillips (2013).

The character of Holmes sounds truly terrifying. He was believed to have had a house known as the "Murder Castle" that consisted of a gas chamber, crematorium and dissecting table to experiment on his victims. To think that DiCaprio is portraying this murderous psychopath gets me so excited.

This project looks to be a playground for Scorsese and DiCaprio and I can't wait to see what they have planned. And with The Revenant being released later this year, it looks to be some more Oscar bait for Leonardo DiCaprio, I just hope he gets it.


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