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Plot: A college A Capella group known as the "Barden Bellas" are humiliated during the finals of a special singing competition when one of their stars named Aubrey (Anna Camp) throws up into the audience during her solo. The next year, Aubrey is determined more than ever to make her way back up in the competition in order to regain her glory. So her and her close friend Chloe (Brittany Snow) recruit several new members into their A Capella group. Including a closeted lesbian named Cynthia-Rose (Ester Dean), a highly sexual girl named Stacie (Alexis Knapp), a silent speaking Asian girl named Lilly (Hana Mae Lee), an obese loud singing Australian girl named Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), and a rebellious college freshman named Beca (Anna Kendrick). Determined to defeat their rival team known as the "Treble Makers", Aubrey becomes absolutely obsessed with having complete control over the team and winning the competition. But as time goes on, Beca is revealed to have incredible musical genius and has big plans to turn around the teams reputation and win the competition.

Pitch Perfect suffers from a cliche and predictable plot. Right from the start of the movie you pretty much know immediately what's gonna happen (spoilers). You know that the girls aren't always going to agree and that they're going to fight and then they'll make up and win the competition. Yeah, it's very predictable. But that doesn't necessarily make the movie less enjoyable. It has some very catchy musical numbers (like the damn cup song), and a lot of talented singers. The actors were all really good, and you get a good number of laughs from each of them. And of course, there's Fat Amy. OH MY GOD, THANK YOU FOR FAT AMY!!!! She is the comedic star of this whole movie, not only is she hysterical, but she is just so much fun to be around. Whenever she was on screen I was entertained, and I always wanted more. Altogether, Pitch Perfect is predictable, but it has plenty of entertaining performances, songs, and lots of laughs, and of course there's Fat Amy.


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