ByLogan Randall, writer at

I think that Scorsese and DiCaprio will do a amazing job with their new movie, adapting Jancy Richardson's novel, America's First Serial Killer.

These are 5 reasons why this movie will be a masterpiece

1. Horror isn't a genre of film that gets a lot of praise, I believe that if this movie does well at the Academy Awards, this could create a slue of good horror movies

2. Looking at Scorsese's filmography tells me that he has won Oscars and knows how to make a great movies, such as The Departed, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Hugo and most recently The Wolf of Wall Street

3. Leonardo DiCaprio is in need of an Oscar, he has come close in the past with Scorsese maybe Leo might get gold this time around

4. Have you seen The Wolf of Wall Street? DiCaprio and Scorsese have amazing chemistry

5. Martin Scorsese has consistently shown us great book to film adaptations, the man knows what he's doing


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