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So have you been begging for a sequel to Pitch Perfect?........I haven't because nobody has been. I'm just surprised that Pitch Perfect was successful enough to get a sequel.

The Plot: The "Barden Bellas", now led by Beca (Anna Kendrick), are humiliated on stage once again after Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) accidentally screws up her solo performance in front of the president of the United States, in which her pants tear and she accidentally exposes her goodies to the entire world. The Bellas are almost disbanded due to this shameful act, but Beca makes a deal with the judges that they can continue if they can win a special A Capella tournament which no American team has ever won. And to make things worse, their main rival team is an incredibly talented and acclaimed German team known as "Das Sound Machines".

If you read my Pitch Perfect review and know what I think of that movie, then you basically know what I think of this movie. Pitch Perfect 2 recycles several of the plot elements of the original Pitch Perfect to the point where they seem one and the same. And as a result, it suffers from the same problems as the first film: predictable and cliche storytelling. But it still does have the same benefits as the original Pitch Perfect, that being it has lots of entertaining performances, plenty of laughs, and some great music, in fact I think the music might be even better than the first film. So in the end, Pitch Perfect 2 repeats numerous plot elements from its predecessor, but it still has plenty of laughs, songs, talent, and of course, Fat Amy.


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