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The common consensus is that Robin is a lame character and can only be on the sidelines of the story. This article is my attempt to show everyone that that consensus is 100% WRONG!

Most know of Dick Grayson who evolved into Nightwing, he is a fantastic hero but my personal favorite character of the Bat-Family is Bruce Wayne's adopted son: Timothy Jackson Drake. He is engaging and he is the most loyal companion Batman has ever had. Dick moved away, Jason is a broken mess, and Damian...well in my mind Damian just doesn't exist but Tim has never left his father's side. Personally I think a whole movie focusing on Timothy Drake/Wayne would be amazing and I even have an idea for a plot.

The Batman has returned and he has inspired a young Gothamite: Tim Drake, age twelve. He is a highly educated boy and a supporter of the Batman. When we see Tim, he is living happily with his parents in the slums of Gotham and he appears to be a normal kid...but only to his parents. Secretly, Tim collects data on unsolved crimes in the city, especially the series of murders of people at payphones. Managing to find a pattern, Tim dresses up in black and goes out where he finds and beats the killer down before he can kill anyone else. The killer is revealed to be Victor Zsasz, a slippery killer who manages to always outsmart the police.
When the police arrest Zsasz, at the crime scene Commissioner Gordon is received a visit by the Gotham Knight himself: Batman. Gordon thanks Batman but Batman is extremely interested in who this person was who managed to crack this case before he did. Finding the footprints of a child, Batman knew he couldn't just rule it out so he followed them until reaching an apartment where he saw young Tim Drake remove his mask and let out a cheer of joy before marking off the crime from his data board. With interest in this child skills, Batman decides to leave something at his desk that will help him: a simple CSI kit which Tim used quite well to find thieves and another killer. Seeing more potential in Tim, Batman leaves something else: an analyzer. It was a small PDA which allowed Tim to scan and identify finger prints in seconds, see in thermal vision, and even detect when somebody is lying.
At this point, Tim knew that Batman was watching him and he even kept an eye out for him but Batman made sure that wasn't going to happen. However what Batman did not expect was that one night, the silent alarm went off in the Batcave so when Batman returned from a patrol night, he saw Tim Drake in the cave waiting for him. This boy was full of skills and Bruce admired that so he removed his cowl and the two spoke for a long time, Bruce remained stern with him, telling him that he could make a difference working on his own. After Tim agrees to not tell anyone this secret, Batman drives Tim home but upon arrival Tim discovers that his parents were murdered whilst he was gone and this causes him to break down crying. Bruce sees how Tim's parents lie on the floor and it makes him feel sorry for this boy; so he knelt and held the crying child in his arms before saying,
"I'm sorry..."
Cut to a month later, Tim Drake is now wearing a Robin outfit of his design. He did not have the green, yellow, and red suit instead he wore a red and black suit similar to Batman's suit but he hid his face with a hood and mask. Tim has endured severe training from Bruce but that did not bother him, he wanted to learn everything and it would take year for him to master that kind of skill, he was committed and Bruce admired that.
The movie shows Tim and Bruce take down the Riddler before it shows his progression throughout the years in a montage. Starting off his the apprentice of Batman, to his teenage years leading the Titans, then to an adult, Robin evolves into a name which even criminals start to fear and he was no longer the sidekick but a partner who would often patrol Gotham on his own.
We are then introduced to Tim Wayne's Robin as a twenty year old young man who defuses a hostage situation by talking the desperate woman down. However the SWAT captain named Branden is a firm anti-vigilante believer so he defies orders and tries to ambush Robin after he disarms the woman criminal but they are foolish because Robin takes them down in mere minutes. After bringing them to I.A., Robin receives a transmission from Oracle AKA Barbara Gordon, the report was about the mercenary Deathstroke AKA Slade Wilson who was broadcasting in Gotham. Switching to the broadcast, Tim hears Deathstroke's message: if Batman doesn't surrender to him then people will die across the city because of his bombs. With Batman currently out of the city due to a situation with the Justice League, Tim decides to take on his old adversary. The movie flashes back to his teenage years leading his team known as the Titans on a mission but the mission goes awry when Deathstroke fought them and even killed a member: Artemis. This caused the team to disband and Tim has always blamed himself for her death since she was under his command. Deathstroke ever since then has always been his rival: he could never beat him in battle and he always toyed with his anger. He was a twisted man.
At the GCPD headquarters, Deathstroke is shining the Bat-Signal into the sky when he hears a voice,
"Enough Slade!" Robin tries to kick Deathstroke from the shadows but the mercenary quickly uses his staff to knock Tim down with ease,
"So predictable little whelp." Tim flips onto his feet with a scowl which makes Slade just laugh,
"You willing to fight his battle for him, Bird?"
"I'm willing to die for him."
"Good, because you will." And so the battle commences and Robin is taken out but before Slade can kill him, Slade is tackled by a black figure,
"You stay away from him!" It was Batman, who manages to make Slade run off.
Tim and Bruce return to the cave where Bruce scolds him for taking on Slade by himself but Tim argues by saying that he wants to fix the mistake he made years ago by avenging Artemis and killing Slade.
The movie focuses on Robin training whilst remembering his training with Bruce as a child. Bruce taught him why he does what he does and why he doesn't kill. This causes Tim to have more focus and so the training that he was having difficulty with became much easier.
The climax has Tim hearing another broadcast of Deathstroke's so he goes off to face him alone where Deathstroke asks,
"Don't you ever learn, Tim?"
"You're going to pay for what you did to Artemis."
"Does she haunt you, whelp? Do her screams of agony fill your dreams every night? Do you see her life leaving her eyes as her leader failed her?"
"NO! I'm going to end this once and for all, Slade. I'm taking you down!"
"You ready to kill me, whelp?"
"...That's not how I do things." Before the battle can commence, Tim feels a hand on his shoulder just like he felt years ago when he found his parents dead. It was Batman, ready to fight alongside his son. The two begin to fight Deathstroke and it is a long and tiring fight for the heroes but just when Batman is about to beat the mercenary, something happens. Tim watches as Slade puts a sword through Batman's heart, making him drop to the puddled rooftop bleeding to death. After losing the only other person he ever loved, Tim lunges and continues to fight the killer and for the first time in his life, he manages to beat Slade but still doesn't kill him but he was very tempted to.
After Slade is arrested by ARGUS, it shows a broken Tim carrying Bruce back to the cave where Alfred breaks down. It then cuts to a funeral where all of the Bat-Family are together, even James Gordon is there. Later it is said in Bruce's will that all of his possessions will go to Tim but Tim didn't care, he was too sad. Though he did have an epiphany, Gotham needs Batman no matter what.
The final shot of the movie first only shows Tim's face as his voice narrates,

"He was a great mentor and an even better mentor. I will honor him forever and continue his crusade..." The camera pans out to reveal Tim is wearing the Batsuit but the cowl was pulled back like a hood, "But not at the Robin. That part of me is gone..." After pulling the hood up, Tim looks into the camera, "...I am Batman."

Then it cuts to black.

This is quite different but I personally have always seen Tim as the only person worthy of the cowl and I think people could come to love this story. Now I'm not asking for this to happen right away, I'd rather them wait until Ben Affleck wants to quit being Batman then end his reign as the character in this movie.

TITLE: The Ward of Batman

DIRECTOR: Ben Affleck


Robin/Tim Drake (Adult) - Miles Teller

Now I know he was just in FAntastic Four but after that movie's reception, I am sure he won't be in the sequel. Great actor and I think he could pull of Tim with flying colors.

Batman/Bruce Wayne - Ben Affleck

Because DUH!

Deathstroke/Slade Wilson - Sean Bean

It would be great to see Sean Bean play this methodical and insane villain, plus it would be the first role where he doesn't die!

What are your thoughts on this story idea? Let me know in the comments below! Sorry it's so short, it's been a long time since I've done one of these pitches.


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