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For those of you who enjoy reading, Rainbow Six is an amazing book that deserves more attention as a counter-terrorism story that takes place before 9/11/2001. This is my first "MIA" (missing in action) article, where I go over why this never became a movie.

Tom Clancy as a writer has made many of his stories into movies. The Hunt for Red October, The Sum of All Fears, and Patriot Games to name a few. This franchise has flourished from the video game adaptations that have been made around it. The first video game which was on the PC and the Playstation, have a made scenario that compliments the storyline of the book.

Rainbow Six would have made an excellent movie even though several of the sequences would have to be written out in order to fit what they can into the movie. They could have probably been one of the first two pull off a two-part opener if they really wanted to on it. Rainbow Six fans are loyal to what this has to offer. I feel like there might have been talks for this on the table somewhere that never yielded any results.

Rainbow Six was and in many ways is still supposed to be as close to the real experience as possible. That includes going up against corrupt corporations that hire terrorist groups to do their evil bidding. There are several aspects of the Rainbow Six story that apply to our current situation around how we handle terrorism today. I will be making reference to this article when I publish my piece on all the movies about terrorism, pre-9/11.

The layers of the onion that surround the plot are hard for the teams to peel back at. Once they are able to really understand what it is they are up against, it sheds light on the most dominant threat our world faces today. It really does a great job on highlighting how we can be our own worst enemy sometimes. Near the beginning of the book, it passively highlights the importance behind taking care of those in need.

I must admit I was hoping that the Rainbow Six series would become more than one book, but it never it. They are continuing the video game legacy which hopefully will continue to honor the original appeal that made the game great, as they improve the quality of technology.

Rest in Peace Tom Clancy. You will be long remembered by many.


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