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The Creech. (picture courtesy of

The Creech is Greg Cappullos creation. He was created in 1997 and shared the same universe as Todd Mcfarlane's Spawn. The sypnosis of the Creech is:

The title character is an in vitro created life form that was made from hundreds of aborted fetuses by Dr. Pashu Battu, an engineer at The Agency. When Battu realizes The Agency intends to exploit The Creech as force for destruction, he sabotages the project and the creature is let loose on the city.


The Creech shares the same universe as Spawn. Hopefully we will see them together in the future. (picture courtesy of

Now Cappullo wants to bring The Creech back. Luckily he is bringing his Batman compatriot Scott Snyder onboard. As reflected in this statement:

While Bleeding Cool reported that Capullo was thinking of jumping ship when his contract expired, it appears he’s doubling down his commitment to Batman writer Scott Snyder instead, bringing on Snyder to help him reboot and relaunch Capullo’s creator-owned character, The Creech.


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Picture courtesy of Comicvine.

Now Cappullo is going to carry on with Batman but hopefully we will see the reboot of The Creech next year.


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