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Delisa Elizabeth

So I have been an avid Pretty Little Liars watcher since the very beginning. Every season, from season 1 to season 6, left the Liar fans with not only confused faces but head scratches each and every time.

With every season, what you thought you knew or who you thought was A was never really A or they were A would just make my head hurt.

Since I don’t have cable, my only way of getting my fix is through Hulu, which meant no Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for me last night. Today when I woke up, my first agenda was to watch Pretty Little Liars, (brushing my teeth could wait), I had to know who the heck A was.

There was speculations from everyone, everyone thought they knew who it was. Was it Ezra? Was it one of the Liars? Was it one of the Liar’s moms? Was it a tree? We just didn’t know.

Now we all know who it is, that damn Cece (Charles), the brother that was sent away and now is Ali’s sister. I think around the time Cece joined the show, I really didn’t get an A vibe from her, I just thought she was a bitchy girl that was good friends with Ali but seriously? It took the writers 6 seasons to finally reveal A, 6 seasons. There have been episodes where there was nothing more than fillers, those were the worst episodes. Fans, including myself, would have to wait 20 something episodes before something actually happened, that’s a no no in my book.

I wonder what the writers could possibly have in store for the fans now. Now that we know who A is, what more could they do? They fast forwarded to five years after the girls went off to college, they also showed Ali in a classroom, she appeared to be a teacher of some sorts, the Liars run into the classroom, screaming about some man coming. It’s like come on, what the heck is going on now?

The best part was that before the show ended, the parents were in the basement, after five years, are they still in the basement? That’s what I really want to know, I know everyone was wondering, I figured I’d ask.


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