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It looks as though our psycho, Santa-dressing killer may be back with this new script penned by none other than Eric Freeman. Eric Freeman starred in Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 as Ricky Caldwell, the brother of Billy Caldwell who wreaked havoc in the original film. Although the sequel to the original is mainly a montage/recut of the first film, the film quickly spun out of control in the last fifteen minutes with a large body count. Most fans remember this portion greatly, including the line "Garbage Day".

According to, Freeman disguised himself as a man named Damon Michaels. Damon, who has read and looked over the script, believes it to be a wonderful story. The script is not in production at the moment, but it is in fact searching for a buyer and is titled Silent Night, Deadly Night: Ricky Unhinged. (See video below)

While "Damon" flips through the script explaining how good of a story it is, we are able to take a little peak inside at what the film is about.

This story was written as a natural progression of the character Ricky Caldwell from 1987’s Silent Night, Deadly Night 2. That movie came to a climax with a bloody carnage-laden rampage and the death of Mother Superior and Ricky Caldwell being shot. Twenty five years have elapsed and Caldwell is a patient at Waverly Psychiatric Hospital. He is seemingly normal, but things quickly go awry when a body is found in Caldwell’s room. This script can be a sequel to SNDN 2 or as a standalone movie with no tie-in whatsoever. Obviously, there is a monetary advantage of having a huge built-in fan base from the cult hit movie.

Did that capture your attention? It not, take a look at what Damon Michaels thought!

I must say, I'm a fan of the original Silent Night, Deadly Night, but as the sequels went on, they eventually lost me. However, I will say that if this film gets made, I would be more than happy to watch the first two again and then jump into this one. I'd be interested in seeing where the story goes with the character of Ricky Caldwell. Who knows, maybe we'll get another great one-liner on the same level as "garbage day".

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