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Rob J. Headley

This is for all of us that have grown too old for the trite and child-centric "Power Rangers" movie franchise.

The Power Rangers have a long, rich, colorful history, and rightly so. It has been on the air in one form or another, including reruns and new series titles, since Aug 28, 1993. That deserves all kinds of recognition and accolades. Saban Entertainment has been keeping children entertained for almost 25 years with the Power Rangers. (They have a longer history than that, but this is a Power Rangers post, so, we'll go with that.)

I know that there are quite a few million fans out there, waiting in earnest for the new Power Rangers movie reboot due to hit theaters January 13, 2017. I have 2 fans, aged 8 & 10, waiting with baited breath for it to hit. (I promised they could go see it at the Drive-in when it came out.) I fully understand their excitement. I was that way, at their age, when Christopher Reeve was going to hit the big screen as Superman. (insert your old age joke here) I understand the allure of teen-aged superheros, being a long time comic/cartoon geek from way back, so I am in NO WAY disrespecting what they're doing or have done.


Here's my problem with it: It's always, and I mean ALWAYS about teenagers. This is the premise of EVERY Power Rangers TV series or movie. I can sum it all up in a short, 2 sentence statement. Ready?

"Six teenagers have discovered the power to fight the forces of evil. Now the fate of the universe is in their hands."

That's it. The entire plot of every show and every movie. Yes, I know there are subplots and themes that change, story to story, and I am over simplifying it, but when you boil it down to what it is, that's exactly what it is. Teenagers with way too much power at their command, and no one to stop them from doing what they want with it.

Now I understand that there was Zordon and Alpha to keep control, but think about it; what could a hologram head and a geeky subservient robot actually DO if they decided to go bug-nuts and use their power for whatever they wanted? Not a damned thing. Take the power away? Then you have a bunch of pissed off kids who had a taste of power, and will do whatever it takes to get it back. Very far fetched in that little world, but if you put that out in the real world, with today's teenagers... you get the idea.

Now, I know that it is a show geared towards children. I get that, and even applaud it. It's about doing what's right when and where you can. They don't need adult themes, adult issues, or anything remotely tied into "full" adulthood.

BUT, what about us? The people that grew up before or during those years when "The Power Rangers!" was THE show to watch? Back when it was the original sextet? We want to know where it went from there. We want to know how those kids turned out. Now, me personally, I never understood the draw of the Power Rangers when it first aired. I was 2 months away from being 25 at the time, so it's understandable that I didn't care for it. Don't get me wrong, I watched it now and then, while I was in my... shall we say... self-herbally-medicated state?

There is a version out there, in the ether, on the web, and a copy in my hard drive, that we, the ones who were there when the first episode hit the airwaves, want to see come to fruition. I'm sure all of you have either seen it, know about it, or know someone who's described it to you in painful detail of what it's about. The adult Rangers who were the original 6. The story after the story. The final chapter if you will of Zack, the Black Ranger, Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, Billy, the Blue Ranger, Trini, the Yellow Ranger, Jason, the Red Ranger, and Tommy, Green/White Ranger. We WANT to know what happened. We WANT to know what they're doing/did after hanging up the helmets and powering down their Zords.

One man had the courage and vision to try and tell that story.

Adi Shankar.

A man with a dream and the where-with-al to bring it to life, even if it was only 14 minutes, 24 seconds. That 14:24 made me, a jaded and unimpressed Power Rangers adult viewer, WANT to see a Power Rangers movie. It had the grittiness of a western, the darkness of a noir, the science of a future unseen, and it had those same kids, all grown up, doing what they do so well. This, THIS!, is what myself, and all those kids who wondered what happened when the lights went out on that last Zord, want to see.

We want to know what happened. We want to see where he could've gone with the story if he'd had the 140 minutes to tell the tale. Something for those of us who've out-grown the silliness of the TV series (and movies) that just rehashes all the same tired plots and villains. None of the "Hy-YA!" and flipping thru the air and never actually hitting anything, no more power Zords, Zordon, the little robot dweeb Alpha, and the rest of that crap. Bring on the darkness and the grit. The hurt and the dirt. Let's adult it up, even if it's only an alternate reality, PG version that goes straight to video. You can't tell me that it wouldn't sell at LEAST 1M copies.

I want the Adi Shankar version. WE want the Adi Shankar version.

Let the adults see the ORIGINAL Rangers in a grown-up Power Ranger movie.

Let Adi Shankar entertain us once again, as only he can.


Which side do you want to join?


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