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I love WWE and DC mainly Batman, I am an average nerd so i know alot just to to much haha!
Adam Boshie Bosher

Earlier on in the week Stephen Amell decided to retaliate when Stardust shoved him and Amell jumped into the WWE ring and attack Stardust.

Then after that Amell was talking to the COO of WWE Triple H and in his own words he said as shown in the video

Yeah I get it, i'm an actor. BUT i'm also a man, if some guy puts his hands on me, im going to fight back

On a live video on Facebook just now Stephen Amell just confirmed that he will NOT be in his new arrow costume for the match at Summerslam. which sucks :(. HOWEVER he did say "I do have something in up my sleeve". so maybe he could be going in as the flash just to confuse everyone. OK Maybe not that. That's all he said so if you have any ideas on what he may wear please comment in the comment section.


Would you guys want to see him show up in his new costme?


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