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So with the NFL so close I had decided to participate in the MoviePilot Fantasy Draft because "our world is in danger and it is my duty to answer the call" or something along those lines. For my team I have decided to have a wide variety of Team Members spanning Games, Anime, TV shows and movies)

Team Captain: Chrom (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Chrom is from the newest instalment of the famed gaming series, Fire Emblem, on the Nintendo game systems.

Chrom is the prince, and later Exalt, of the Halidom of Ylisse and a descendant of the Hero-King, Marth (main character of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and is now a regular character in Super Smash Bros.). He is also the captain of Ylisse's vigilante force, the Shepherds, and wields the legendary sword Falchion.

He is a born leader and the King of a nation which makes him the perfect team captain

1st Draft Pick: Lord 5th Kazekage, Gaara of the Sand (Naruto: Shippuden)

Gaara first appeared in the Naruto manga when he came to the Hidden Leaf Village for the Chunin exams. the version of Gaara I have chosen for my team is when he appears as the Leader (or Kazekage) of the Sand Village.

For those who have read or watched Naruto, you would know that Gaara is a jinchuriki, for those who haven't the best way to describe him is that he has the power of a demon or tailed beast inside him that gives him immense power

he is my first draft pick because of his ultimate defence and immense power and strength

2nd Draft Pick: The Flash (The Flash TV Series 2014)

Barry Allen is a forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department and a science enthusiast when a lightning bolt of dark matter created from the explosion of a particle accelerator hits him and turns him into the Scarlet Speedster known as The Flash

The TV series titled The Flash began in 2014 and started Grant Gustin as The Flash and took audience on a journey following the origin story of everyone's favourite speedster

I have chosen Grant Gustin's Flash as my 2nd draft pick because he is strong, intelligent and (obviously) fast which is always useful for saving the world

3rd Draft Pick: Baymax 2.0 (Big Hero Six)

The Final member of my team is Baymax 2.0. first scene in 2014's smash hit movie Big Hero Six as a personal healthcare companion but was upgraded into the badass medic and fighting robot that you see above

I have chosen Baymax as my final team member because he is strong and loyal but most of all he will be my team's medic when needed, if one of my team members gets hurt during the fight to save Earth

I have chosen the name, The World's Shepherds, because of my Team Captain. In Fire Emblem: Awakening, Chrom leads a team named the Shepherds so I thought it was fitting that the team that Chrom leads to save the world also have the same name but on a Grand Scale

so this is my Fantasy World Saving team. I believe that it is a strong and varied team that has many strengths and that each team member compensates for each other's weaknesses

hope you like my fantasy team

Jayden Whillier


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