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Owen Reese

Alrighty then! It's time for my dream team to save the world!

When I first began creating this list, I realized it would be boring to fill it with super over powered team members, so I limited myself to no superhumans. Everyone is a non-powered character, and I focused more on smaller personality and skill traits when I put the group together.

So, let me introduce......


let us begin, of course, with the leader:



Yes, the one and only gun-pointing, tournament-bowling, dog-sitting, van-driving, sports car-smashing, nihilist-fighting Vietnam war veteran. It's a strange choice, I know, you'd think a character from The Big Lebowski wouldn't find a place on this list, but I feel like Walter could pull off being a leader.


  • Ruthless, doesn't hold back
  • Knows how to make a good plan. (keep it simple)
  • Has lots of tricks up his sleeves
  • Can take care of himself in a fight
  • Knows how to pose a threat to anyone

Say what you will, I think this guy could really handle the team well and lead them to victory.

Next is.....


Ready to go kick some ass
Ready to go kick some ass

One of the stars of one of my favorite books and movies, Hit-Girl is a total bad ass and can be the perfect infiltrator


  • Knows her way around plenty of enemies
  • Has some mad gun skills
  • Has some mad sword skills
  • Has some mad knife skills
  • Has some mad nunchuck skills
  • Has some mad hand-to-hand skills
  • Has some mad grapple-thingie skills
  • Has some mad everything skills
  • Knows how to be a beast on a motorcycle
  • Can fool others with her innocence, and therefore is a great infiltrator

Yup, that's a lot. She can play well with others to use these skills to their maximum potential

alright, now we have:


Time to kill
Time to kill

The star of the Robert Rodriguez action extravaganza, stripper turned zombie killer with a gun for a leg, would make an amazing addition to the team because she, well, she's just awesome.


  • Has an machine gun attached to her leg
  • Has a machine gun attached to her leg
  • Seems to defy the laws of physics when she fights
  • Very flexible and agile
  • Tough and relentless
  • Has a freaking machine gun attached to her leg
  • Can take on large crowds of enemies

That's enough to know that this gunslinger will fit right in with the rest.

And finally.....


*BOOM* headshot, M8
*BOOM* headshot, M8

My little squad needs a tactician, someone who can provide additional support away from the battle. (Note- I almost picked deadshot for this, but he was too obvious a choice).


  • Perfect shot
  • Great planner
  • Used to being a good team player
  • Invaluable to anyone when money's involved

The Sniper will be perfect for getting the team out of sticky situations, and planning what to do at each turn of the battle with his sharp eye and wide view.

So. That's it. My team of gun wielding killers is ready to take on the world. Some runners-up were: Max Rockatansky, Scott Pilgrim, Metroplex, and Django.


Alright, so what'd you think?


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