ByKeegan Bryant, writer at

Teen Wolf is literally the best show I have ever watched, and this is coming from a guy who goes from Pretty Little Liars on a Tuesday to The Flash on Wednesday followed by Arrow on Thursday and The Vampire Diaries on Fridays with about another 20 shows in between. I could honestly say I'd recommend this to anyone (if they don't mind a little gore). Ever since the show began in 2011 it's had amazing story-lines, characters and the most explosive actors/actresses. also, non of it would have been possible without the most awesome producer ever, Jeff Davis. I've learnt so much about different supernatural creatures like the Kanima or Kitsune that I could probably write my own bestiary! So, if you haven't seen it yet i would certainly put it to the top of your priority list as it is the best show since... ever!!!


Whats your favorite creature from the show?


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