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manny marquez

How you doing guys/gals today I want to talk about the caped crusader I think batman is the best hero of all. I've been a batman fan all my life thanks to my dad batman can kick anybodys ass and take down the whole justice league. And he doesn't even have powers HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE POWERS. He comes from earth and still opens a can of whip ass on justice league. You can see this happen frist hand in one of my favorite animated movies Justice League Doom anyway I'm just saying this stuff cause I'm a huge batman fanboi and I don't know how to write. I'm super pumed for the batman vs superman movie it looks amazing and I've been hearing great things about Ben Affleck and of course the beautiful Gal Gadot. Suicde squad looks amazing I can't wait to see the joker umm I'm pertty sure I went off topic but hey screw it I'm just doing this for fun.

Have a great night everyone

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