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To start things off, I'd just like to point out that although I am a comic fan and superhero movie enthusiast, the Fantastic Four have never really been interesting to me. I've never really understood the characters at least from what I've read in the comics and seen in the movies. That being said, the movies have never really been very good portrayals of the characters. I just watched the newest installment of Marvel's First Family and was not impressed by any means.

Below are the main four reasons I did not enjoy this film.

1. The Cast/Characters

I'm a huge fan of Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan. I think they are both very talented young actors and I was very excited to see them in these roles. I was hoping they could bring some charisma to the characters and maybe change my opinion about the Fantastic Four in general. Unfortunately this was not the case. Many actors put their own spin on a character and ad-lib lines and a lot of times it works brilliantly. But these actors did not seem to stray from the script one bit and the dialogue was clunky and awkward and even painful at times. "I hope we don't blow up" "Do not tell me that when we're going into another dimension." There's really no way to make that line cool or funny. It's just cheesy.

The acting in general was just horrendous; especially when I know these actors have the potential to be fantastic. I just did not feel any chemistry whatsoever between the cast members. Even Teller and Jordan were in That Awkward Moment together and they had great chemistry but there is just no connection between any of them.

  • Toby Kebbel's Victor von Doom was just awkward. He was a jerk for being the sake of being a jerk. Why was he like that? Was he an asshole for a reason? Probably, but the movie doesn't show it or explain it. I will say that when he turns into Dr. DOOM, his character improves. His motives are clear and I almost understood why he was doing what he was doing.
  • Miles Teller's Reed Richards is boring. He has no depth. He's just a smart kid. You get the sense that he's very persistent and motivated but that part is skipped over.
  • Kate Mara's Sue Storm was also boring. I almost forgot she was even in the first hour of the movie.
  • Johnny Storm is supposed to be the "cool guy" of the group. Cocky, good with women, charismatic but Michael B Jordan's take on the character is none of those things. Well I guess he is a little cocky. But cockiness isn't interesting without charisma.

The minor characters were all interchangeable and forgettable.

2. The Plot

I'm not going to get into this too much because you have to expect quite a few plot holes when a film is dealing with inter-dimensional travel. The entire plot felt rushed and choppy. I know Josh Trank (the director) has vocalized his issues with the studio and scene cuts and reshoots. But seriously, who in their right mind thought that cutting out a majority of these characters' development was a good idea?

  • Why were Ben and Reed at a elementary school science fair?
  • How did Sue get powers when she didn't even go with the others?
  • Why didn't the explosion (that apparently blew out the power in basically the entire city) give anyone else powers?
  • Why was there a scene of them getting drunk?
  • Where the hell was Ben and why couldn't he go to the university?
  • Did they actually think the government was going to make them normal again?

I'm sure theres more but on to number three...

3. The Writing

This one is very similar to my previous two issues. The writing was just so bad that even good actors couldn't make it work. Like I said, the plot was everywhere and the characters were bland. But at some point the writing must have been good, right? Obviously I don't know any of the actors personally but I'd like to think that they would read a script and join the movie based on the good writing.

Bad plot, bad dialogue, bad writing.

4. The Concept

This also goes along with the plot. I just don't understand the direction Josh Trank was trying to go. It would appear that he was trying to take some rather un-grounded characters and make them grounded. In my opinion, there are some comic characters that just do not work on the big screen. This movie was focused on the premise "what if real world, normal people were given extraordinary powers?". Josh Trank already did this successfully in Chronicle. But this isn't Chronicle, this is not Josh Trank's created characters. There are mythos about these characters and already written story lines for them. I just don't see why Trank needed to write his own "vision" for them. Especially when they did not turn out to be interesting characters.

This is not a Fantastic Four movie. This is just a movie that is about four people who happen to be named Reed Richards, Ben Grimm and Sue and Johnny Storm.

I will give some credit to this movie.

  • The special effects weren't bad
  • the costumes were fine, given that this is an origin story
  • The final battle scene was good

I will stop boring you with this rant now.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think below.


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